#RunningWilde Ch. 48 | Take Off (Part I)


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You're a colour that don't exist

What are you?

I hear sounds you make with my lips

What are you?


-Coming to My Senses

Alina Baraz


The fasten seatbelt sign blinked off and Aiden’s maid appeared from her closed off quarters at the front of the plane. She silently awaited his order.

“In one hour bring another bottle of champagne on ice to my bedroom. Do not disturb me before then.”

She nodded and disappeared back to her quarters.

“You have a bedroom on this thing?”

“I have a great many things on this thing, Ava-Marie,” he unclipped his seatbelt and stood up, “Would you like to see them?” His black eyes glinted ominously.

Now that the plane had levelled out, she knew her punishment was about to begin. The ascension into the sky had given her butterflies enough and Aiden’s unwavering focus on her only amplified their frenzy. She was tempted to decline his offer, but she knew that would not deter the inevitable. Aiden’s erection was just as prudent as it had been before take-off. For almost a month, all he’d been able to bestow upon her were evanescent touches and the rare burst of rapacious kisses. Aiden craved satiation, and though his hot-blooded desire made her anxious, she was insatiable.

“Yes sir.”

The edges of his mouth curved upward, but it wasn’t high enough or warm enough to call a smile. There was a roguishness to it that made her shift in her seat. “Wait there.” He lifted his seat cushion and pulled out a black velvet bag, then presented her with two objects; one made of black leather and steel, and the other of creamy plastic and wires. He placed them on the side table and unbuckled her.

Ava swallowed.

“Stand up.”

Shaky knees brought her face to face with him. His fingers skimmed her throat and he coaxed her mouth to his. He kissed her, hard, devoured her mouth as if he might swallow her whole, leaving no time for her to catch her breath, just to be kissed, and kissed, and kissed till her head felt light and dizziness caused her to collapse against him.

“Take off your clothes.”

Away came her tank top, her bare breasts exposed and hard nipples calling to be touched. Her trainers clunked and tumbled across the floor. She peeled her socks off. Slipped out of her jeans. Victoria Secrets unveiled the truth. Naked. Nothing but toasted cinnamon skin, sharp angles, dips and sweeping curves for miles.

His steely gaze remained fixed on her face.

She could not deny that she assumed the sight of her in such a vulnerable state would appeal to his most aberrant of natures and cause him to launch himself at her again with his ravenous mouth and excitable finger tips and validate her influence over him. Aiden did not quiver or make any move to imply he’d acknowledged her art form.

She frowned and dropped her head.

Cheeks turned the colour of shame and she brought her arms up across her chest and across the thick black curls at her apex. Maybe it was the weeks on the road that contributed to the downfall of her physical upkeep the kept his desires at bay. The wild hair sprouting from her underarms, legs, sex, scattered between her brows and atop her upper lip, not to mention the rogue one or two on her chin. The soft pudge below her bellybutton from lack of exercise and poor diet. Jagged nails that stood at uneven lengths. Greasy, dull hair that looked more rusty-blonde than candy floss. The feeling of never being truly clean -public truck stop restrooms only allowed for so much cleansing. She hadn’t been this unkempt in her life, not even on one of her charitable excursions, or even when she’d been a little lazy and allowed her leg hair to grow out during the winter because the weather called for covering up...plus it wasn’t like she was entertaining any men in her bed to care enough about standing on ceremony. Now she had someone to stand for, someone altogether astonishing in every sense, even with his beard grown in and his waves turned tight curls, she’d never felt so unimpressive.

“Move your arms,” he lifted her face, “I want to see you.”

She dropped her arms to her sides with reluctance, and clenched and wiggled fingers that itched to shoot back up and protect what little modesty she had.

His eyes fell to her frame and consumed everything. His jaw tensed as his restraint fought to overpower his animalistic instincts, and he inhaled. He circled his prey, took her in from every angle, his manhood throbbing and hot. Behind her back, out of view, he squeezed it, a small act of temporary relief that only made his sin bristle and strengthen. He moved in front of her and retrieved the black leather and steel from the side table. The buckles clinked softly as he undid them. “Lift your head up.”

She raised her chin and he strapped the collar around it. He coiled the leash around his fist and pulled her back so her naked body rested against him.

Her insecurities were quickly pushed aside, in their place, a whispering and gasping of mixed emotions, the most prominent being, ‘...Am I a dog?’ She’d been collared before, sure, but it had felt like kinky jewellery that made her feel bold and owned. The leash changed that, warped her grey sex fantasy into shades of something darker. It put her on edge. She rolled and stretched her neck in it, her fingers slipped into the small space between the leather and her skin, and she tugged carefully, cautiously feeling for fastenings to unfasten, afraid to risk pissing Aiden off. She was already in enough trouble as it was.

“On your knees.”

Her mouth tightened as she sunk to the floor. ‘Am I a dog?’

She came face to face with his erection.

He cupped the back of her head and gently pulled her in, pushing her face against his bulge. The firm line of him pressed against her cheek, the heat of his body, the pheromone laced musk of his arousal -it did something to her. It turned his clothing into a fabric fortress, keeping her out, stirring her urge to be invited in, even naked, on her knees, leather and steel encasing her throat. Suddenly she was not uncomfortable in the slightest. No, she was not a dog. She was his. All his. And what lay beneath his jeans was all hers. An overwhelming craving to put him in her mouth emboldened her. Nestled against the thick, hard line of him, she inhaled and sighed.

Aiden’s head snapped down. His sex twitched against her face, and the quickening thrum of his body travelled from between his legs to between hers.

“You’ve missed it, haven’t you?”

She smiled wryly and nodded. She had missed it, his unassailable sex and all of the exquisite tragedy that he created between them with it.

“It seems I’m discovering a new level to your sexual deviance, Ava-Marie.” He stroked her head, “Do you like having my dick pressed against your pretty little face?”

Her cheeks warmed. She bit down on her lips -was it normal to grow so aroused and impetuous by such an act?

He yanked on the leash and pushed his hips towards her face, shifting slightly so her soft, bitten lips crushed themselves again his sheathed shaft.

It pulsed.

She pulsed.

“Answer me.”

“Yes sir.”

He wound the leash tighter around his fist till his knuckles skimmed her warm cheeks, then took her head in both hands. Slowly, he grinded his sex against her face, sliding his length up and down, increasing, then reducing the pressure in a tantric rhythm. The pressure squeezed warm streams of precum out of the head of his sex, into his boxers. His gyrations became faster. The lubrication blended with the sight of this beautiful, insolent woman, on her knees, collared and leashed, gasping and whimpering softly for him while he imitated motions of fucking her face… His grip on the leash tightened. He stepped back and regarded her, “Maybe you’re not a good girl after all, Ava-Marie.” He tilted her face up and ran his thumb over her parted, panting lips, “You’ll make me cum before I get to have any real fun with you.” His lips spread into the grin of one who’d just discovered that their toy had a hidden function and was now better than they could have imagined. “Bad girl.”

She smiled back, pleased that her new-found deviancy made him so happy. It made her curious to see how much further she was willing to colour outside of the lines and what effect that would have on him.

Aiden’s warm expression snapped off to something cold and detached, all his excitement now resided in the dark pools of his eyes. He yanked on the leash, hard, and pulled Ava onto all fours. “Turn around.”

It was back, that prick of humiliation riddled with excitement again. She turned.

“Face on the ground. Hands on your ass.”

She lowered her upper body and rested her face on the strip of black carpet that ran up the centre of the cabin. Shaky hands landed on her rear.

He inhaled quietly. His voice came harsh and gravelly, “Spread yourself for me.”

She gently pried herself apart until she heard the soft, wet pop of her labia flaunting its hot pinkness to him. The light breeze from the air conditioning in the cabin cooled her.

Aiden crouched and stared at the wild wonder of her womanhood. Her pillowy pubic mound, covered in glossy black curls. Her hardened clitoris that peeked out from underneath her hood, urgent and blushing, calling for his caress. Her dark labia that glistened with tiny stars of liquid sex. His gaze ventured deeper into her centre following the ombre hues of her love as it shifted from coffee to magenta. The sight made his dick twitch violently as if it was trying to tear open his clothes.

Just one touch. He could take it. He had himself under control…