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Hey there, fancy face!

I am Shakira 'Scotty Unfamous' Scott, the inappropriately fancy, multi award-winning Romance author and self-proclaimed clatchet (classy/'s a thing) queen.  

I'm better known as the writer and creator of the Unfamous books and multi-award nominated web series, which have been featured in fancy publications such as Teen Vogue, Complex, Pride and The Voice newspaper and also partnered with E! drama, The Royals. Much fancy!


10 Fun (Random But Very Specific) Facts!

  1. I once made a shrine for Micheal Jackson in my room (I was convinced we were going to get married). When he died I performed the routine to Beat It in the middle of Trafalgar Square, because I love him so much (and I'm clearly super cool). Not ashamed.

  2. Pink wine is my favourite. I've haven't met a bottle of Echo Falls, White Zinfadel that I don't like yet!

  3. Born and raised in the most lavish part of London -South. Don't @ me.

  4. I talk about sex way too much, but it's okay because I write fancy sex books and...well, sex is fucking fantastic, so there's that. #SexPositive

  5. I wish Primark would just hurry up and let us order online.

  6. I've read the entire Twilight series more than ten times. No, I'm not ashamed of that either.

  7. I'm doing a diet/lifestyle change, which I've sensibly named 'Svelte Heaux 2017'. I'm 20 kilos down so far. I miss bread.

  8. I decided to take writing seriously when the Flourish Drama Company gave me real life monies to adapt my Facebook story into a play (it was amazeballs). It became the first production in history to sell out the Lost theatre in Vauxhall.

  9. I believe that everything is better with sparkles, simply because it is.

  10. I set three alarms fifteen minutes apart to wake myself up. I snooze all of them and go back to sleep because I am a useless potato (I also miss those).