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Hey there, fancy face!

I am Shakira 'Scotty Unfamous' Scott; the inappropriately fancy,  London based multi award-winning erotic romance author, sexual wellness blogger and 1/3 of the Laid Bare Podcast, with a passion for female sexual empowerment…and glitter.

I started this blog to help women of colour explore and remove the stigma around their sexuality, educate them in the art of sensuality and promote and inspire self-love and body confidence.


10 Fun (Random But Very Specific) Facts!

  1. I once made a shrine for Micheal Jackson in my room (I was convinced we were going to get married). When he died I performed the routine to Beat It in the middle of Trafalgar Square, because I love him so much (and I'm clearly super cool). Not ashamed.

  2. Pink wine is my favourite. There’s something very sexy about being wine drunk. It’s a classy drunk…like Champagne drunk..but cheaper.

  3. Born and raised in the most lavish part of London -South. Don't @ me. My background is Jamaican and Guyanese.

  4. If you listen closely, you can hear stately orchestral music in the background of my videos because I feel like it balances out all the swearing and sex talk. It doesn’t.

  5. I wish Primark would just hurry up and let us order online.

  6. I've read the entire Twilight series more than ten times. I’m a Twi-Hard and that’s okay.

  7. At night I listen to guided sleep meditation videos on YouTube. I’m convinced that they are magic because every time I listen to them I wake up to greatness.

  8. I decided to take writing seriously when the Flourish Drama Company gave me real life monies to adapt my Facebook story into a play (it was amazeballs). It became the first production in history to sell out the Lost theatre in Vauxhall.

  9. I believe that everything is better with sparkles, simply because…it is.

  10. I set three alarms fifteen minutes apart to wake myself up. I snooze all of them and go back to sleep.