#RunningWilde Ch. 48 | Take Off (Part II)


Never been so inside it

When I give in to you

Never been so existing

You can't know unless you feel it



Jamie Woon


They moved through his jet. Ava bore witness to the dark leather with suede, fur and gold accents of the main lounge, where a sleek entertainment system took centre stage on the back wall.

Aiden didn’t pause or speak to show her around. He kept moving and toying with the dial on the love egg, amusing himself by witnessing her reaction.

They entered the bathroom. The chill of the marble tiles against her hands and knees reminded her of his playroom back at the compound, and when he stopped walking, an all too familiar feeling of dread seeped into her excitement.

He switched off the egg and pulled it out of her slowly, watching her honeyed centre spill out with the help of the device. He removed the collar and set everything down on the black countertop next to the sink, then moved in front of her, his penis still at its maximum.

He watched her.

He waited.

After almost a minute of silence, Ava craned her neck to look up at him.

“Is the tour over?” her voice quivered. He tilted his head to the side, slowly. His black eyes beheld a burning like hellfire that made her too afraid to speak again. She looked back at him for as long as she could bear before the power of his authoritarian stare overwhelmed her and she had no choice but to look away. Broken from his officious optical hold, she gasped, not realising she’d been holding her breath. Just how angry was he? Had she truly gone too far? With her heartbeat climbing to her throat, she mustered the courage to look at him again. Hellfire eyes bore into her and a cautionary shiver ran up her spine. “Aiden?”

He helped her to her feet, placed her quivering hands on the top buttons of his shirt and dropped his back to his sides.

“You want me to undress you?”

He stepped closer.

“Okay.” She undid him. Each button parted his shirt to reveal a familiar piece of black coffee wrapped tight around hard muscles and an amalgamation of ink and scars old and new. She peered down at his pectorals and he quickly lifted her face back up.

His voice came low and velvety, “Keep your eyes on me, Ava-Marie.”

She paused momentarily, his alluring tone threw her off a little after such a stern, extended silence. She blinked, “Yes sir.”

She continued to undo him.

Ava tugged the bottom of his shirt out from the waistband of his jeans once she hit his belt…the very same belt that had encased her throat and choked her as she’d climaxed from the wonders of his black magic mouth. It was the same day she’d surrendered herself to his power and handed him her innocence. She remembered the buckle pressed into her throat, cutting off her air supply as her head grew light and darkness closed in.

The tip of his dick brushed her wrists.

She licked her lips.

That small action combined with the intensity of their gaze lit up the already charged moment. Though his mouth remained stern and silent, his eyes darkened.

She swallowed. She moved to his cuffs next. She lifted his hands up between them and skin grazed skin as his knuckles brushed against her nipples. She exhaled. She pushed his shirt off of his broad shoulders, revealing more illustrated, war torn skin and she fought not to break eye contact, not to look down and get a gluttonous look at the blessing between his legs, for in her peripheral vision she could see more of him. Her body warmed.

Aiden slipped his hands out of his sleeves and let his shirt fall to the floor. He took her hands again and placed them on his belt buckle. She fumbled with the metal, his cock now in constant contact with her body as it stood proudly out of his open zipper. Aiden drew a chaste breath and bit down on his full lips. His hands landed on her hips and pulled her closer, and the head of his member bumped against her stomach. He ran his hands over her, brought his face closer as if he might kiss her…but never did.

Her hands slipped, tripped and trembled as she tried her hardest to focus on getting that damn belt undone, but the staring, and the touching, and the body heat, and exposed sexes, and parted lips so close, so fucking close and yet so far apart, were more of a distraction than she’d anticipated.

Away came his belt. The top button of his jeans popped free with a quickness and Ava slipped her eager fingers beneath the waistband of his Calvin’s.

He stopped her with an amused smirk and tapped her ankle with his boot that had yet to be removed.

She looked down.

She looked down.

A low, dangerous sound vibrated from his chest, “I warned you not to break eye contact.” He grabbed her by her hips and pushed her body against the counter top, putting her face to face with herself in the huge wall mirror above it. He bent her over and dragged his belt free from his jeans. “Keep your fucking eyes on me and count, Ava-Marie.”

Before she had the chance to question him, leather whistled through the air and struck her backside. She squeezed her eyes shut and cried, “ONE!”

“It’s as if you are intent on disobeying my orders. I will put an end to that today, make no mistake. Eyes on me!” he hissed.

She looked at his reflection.

“Start again.”

The whistling sound came again, and he struck her once more. She clenched her fist, bit down on her back teeth and forced her eyes to remain locked on him, “One.”

He struck again.



She sprung up onto her tiptoes, “Four.”


Aiden paused to step closer and slip his hard dick in the warm, wet space between her thighs. She settled back, flat onto her feet and rested her sex along the length of him. He dropped the belt and caressed her ass with his hand. “Five more to go.” He spanked her, and she jolted against him.

Her voice came softer, “Six.”

Breathier, “Seven.”

It broke, “Eight.”

She sighed, “Nine.

Aiden drew as far back as he could and positioned his head at her opening, then with thunderous force, he delivered his final blow. Without giving her a chance to get the last number out, he grabbed her waist and slammed himself into her, all the way to the hilt, till his pubic mound kissed her lower lips and his overwhelming size put a strain on her cervix.

Deep inside her, buried within her warm walls with their welcoming constriction, Aiden pulsed.

Ava’s eyes were wide and watery, crystal clear streams of bittersweet bliss expressing more than she could at the feeling of being one with him again after so long apart. Her mouth posed wide and silent watching their electric stillness in the mirror, locked in this moment of violent delight. Her head was empty of sensible thought. All her attention was fixated on the fullness that stretched her beyond comfortability mingled with the fierce sting his palm left behind. External pain multiplied by internal pain, wrapped up in a chiffon bow of pleasure, which thrummed with the kind of malice that promised to remain long after they’d parted.

Aiden closed his eyes and savoured their connection, not wanting to move lest he caved to all that made her godly. She felt like Eve’s first bite of the apple; delicious and decadent in its sin. He’d never known a temptation so overwhelming, so undeniable that he fought to sustain the tension in his muscles to stop from falling into her. “Finish counting,” he rasped.


Her sweet submission caressed his eardrums, her tainted innocence enslaving him with more power than he could bare to possess in that moment. He had to get out while he still could. He withdrew his body from hers and his senses gradually rekindled, carefully working their way around the renewed memory of how she felt until he was back in control again. He stepped back and admired the scarlet print of his force painted across her ass and the glisten of her nature coating all of him.

Ava curled into herself and held the counter for support, scorning the emptiness. His removal felt as if he’d taken more than just his body away from her. Her gaze shifted to one of sadness and longing, like she was a fish trapped in a tank and he was the glorious sea. “I’d forgotten what you felt like.”

Aiden turned her to face him and it hit him all over again. She hit him all over again; gods, apples and overwhelming temptation. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand and she leant into it. He skimmed his mouth across her forehead and planted a light kiss between her brows. It was less risky than touching lips. “My memories do you no justice,” he harmonised, “But I think you’ve truly learned your lesson yet.”