• I don't wear chokers because I have a double chin and a short neck.
  • I don't wear sleeveless tops or dresses without something to cover my arms because I have ‘Bye-bye’ arms (they wave bye-bye when I do) and stretchmarks from my shoulders down.
  • I don't wear crop tops because I have big tummy that also has stretchmarks.
  • I don't wear short shorts because my inner-thighs are flabby, they rub together and they’re darker than the rest of my legs.
  • I don't wear deep plunge tops because my boobs sag.
  • I don't wear backless anything because I have back rolls…and more stretchmarks.
  • I don't wear anything that clings too much because I don't want to highlight my flab.

This was my original list of fashion no-gos; the things that I wouldn’t wear because they wouldn’t look good on a body like mine. This shitty ass list is nothing new; we all have one. Your personal list may have similar things on it and some different ones too.

When I read this list back, I dunno about you, but I couldn't get past how fucking depressing it sounded. All of these bullshit restrictions that I’d put on myself over the years because I was afraid to celebrate myself in my entirety due to socially acceptable mainstream beauty standards portrayed in the media, or via the opinions of others –a mass of portrayals and opinions that didn't include me. I used to be so scared of being judged for not dressing for my size/body type because when you're a big girl, fashion brands tend to push that a big girl dressing for her size includes a lot of shapeless tunics, mumu looking ass dresses, any plunging necklines are shortened to stop before your cleavage even starts, and some sort of cover up created to shroud our bodies even more, because they’re not hidden enough.

Fat people are bullied into the background and taught to make ourselves smaller to make space for people who resemble what we see in magazines and music videos, to make ourselves invisible so as to draw less attention to so that our size won’t offend anyone. It’s fucking stupid; why is ‘dressing for my size’ about making other people feel comfortable with the way I look? 

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The body positivity movement has definitely changed a lot for a lot plus size people for the better, from the way we view ourselves, the way we express and celebrate ourselves, and the way that brands are changing the way they cater to us. I'm proud to say that I've gotten over some of my hang ups, but I’ve still got more to tackle. Despite seeing fan-fucking-tabulous bitches like (a few of my faves) Tess Holliday, Essie Golden, Kelly Augustine, Danielle Varnier, Olivia Campbell, Felicity Hayward, and The Queen Curve Collective slay outfits that plus size women aren't always comfortable wearing, some of my personal body hang ups still fuck with me to this day.

If you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, you’ll be aware that I've used my weight loss journey to delve even further into tackling my body insecurities by forcing myself to wear shit that scares me, shit that I would look at and tell myself that a woman of my stature has no business wearing. Over the past few months I've proudly (and anxiously) made a point of flaunting what I deemed my ‘flaws’ across social media and in public.

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Certain items take a lot of coaxing for me to be brave enough to rock, but I rock it, and the more I do it, the more liberated I feel. I’m learning to really enjoy owning and celebrating my body. Every time I thought I'd look like a fool, or that some ass crumb would have something negative to say that would make me feel even more self-conscious than I already did...nothing happened. I looked good in those outfits. I felt good in those outfits, and if anyone was opposed to me making peace with my body, they never made it known. Instead I was gifted with praise, encouragement, Instagram likes (the most important, obviously. Yay for external validation!) and messages from my fancy faces and those close to me about how they loved what I was doing and how it inspired them to do the same (this is important).

The response has been amazing and it's so fucking dope to see so many of you daring to step outside of your comfort zone (where the REAL growth happens) and making the effort to fully embrace your bodies.

The #WearItChallenge has made such a difference to my list.

  • I DO wear chokers
  • I DO wear sleeveless tops or dresses without something to cover my arms.
  • I DO wear crop tops.
  • I DO wear things that cling.
  • I DO wear backless things.
  • I DO wear short shorts

I don't wear deep plunge tops because my boobs sag (yet)…this will be tackled.

It's a new mutha fuckin’ day, bitch! We are coming to snatch wigs this summer 2017 (and forevermore) and I am all the way here for it, so to keep the good vibes rolling and the self-love growing I'm giving you an invitation to join my August #WearItChallenge. I challenge you to wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable (the item of clothing or body part you wanna tackle is completely up to you), and go all the way with it, hooker, ‘cause if we're gonna do this we're gonna do it right (and by right I mean eleganza extravaganza all yo shit). Beat your fancy face, do your hair, your nails -whatever glam is for you, glam the fuck out, heaux, and wear that shit with pride.


It’s simple: upload a photo of yourself wearing something you'd normally be too afraid to wear, to IG or Twitter, tag me (@scottyunfamous) and use the hashtag #WearItChallenge, for a chance to be featured on my official #WearItChallenge page.

(Submissions close August 31st, 23:59 GMT)

In your caption, tell me the item of clothing you're wearing that scares you and why, then lemme know how you felt after you put yourself out there and wore it. Why should you do this? Because you can help to inspire other people to celebrate themselves too, bitch!  We’ve got 5 months left in this Year of Lavish, so bitch, we are going to make the most of the shit! BODY CONFIDENCE FOR EVERYBODY!

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