Why I Like Big Girls (#SvelteHeaux2017)

There is nothing more off-putting than a guy talking to you then immediately informing you of how much he likes big women.

To any men this applies to, let me just state (before I go all the way off) that it’s fine that you like bigger women, but why do some of you need to make public service announcements about it?

Me in the back preparing for take off

Me in the back preparing for take off

The issue I have is that behind the, ‘I like my women with some meat on them’ PSAs, is that I find it similar to dudes with ‘Mr Nice Guy’ syndrome, which is when so called ‘good guys’ harp on about how lovely, wonderful and ‘not like other men’ they are. When I say it’s like ‘Mr Nice Guy’ syndrome, it’s that you lot move like you want a Blue Peter badge for liking big girls, like this wonderful revelation of you openly liking big girls makes you rare or special, and therefore you should be upheld for it because most men don’t. It literally sounds like, “Hey you sexy water buffalo, most men don’t fuck with fat bitches, but I’m not like most men, I love you, and your curves.”

Sometimes it comes across like you expect us to be grateful that you exist to fill the void of all the other men that don’t want fat women.

When people make too much of big deal about something, they’re either trying to sell you something or there’s another motive at play. Bruv, chill. There is nothing wrong with liking big girls but you don’t need to be so hype about it, because when you are your ‘sentiments’ move from what you feel is appreciation, to something else.

There’s nothing wrong with respectfully admiring a woman, respect is lit, but what do you lot really expect women to say to you when you tell them how much you like big girls or when you’re public about it? 'Well done, three cheers for you, you special specimen. Now I am automatically attracted to you because you are attracted to my back fat!'

Why do you feel the need to tell us that we fit into your preference? What brownie points are you expecting? Like ‘Yeah, big me up for liking big bitches, because not everyone else does.’

I browsed a few ‘Why I Like Big Girls’ post and all it did was make me breathe hard through my nostrils. All of the men either came across as hella creepy, jarring as fuck, or both. No in-between, no saving grace, just jarring and/or creepy fucks. 'But why, Scotty?' I hear you ask; because these so called ‘appreciation’ posts are all about the way that big women serve men better than skinny women because they aren’t conventionally pretty.

Some of my favourite (and by favourites I mean the ones that put the most rage in my chest) comments in these posts, which occurred in almost all of them, was shit like (sing along if you know the words):

Big girls are more accepting of you because they’ve spent their whole life being judged so they’re less likely to judge you.”

 “Growing up, big women found it harder to get attention/fit in, so they had to develop a personality, unlike skinny women who rely on their looks.”

“Because of lack of attention, big girls are more grateful when you do things for them, so they’ll do even more for you, whereas skinny women focus more on what you can do for them.”

 The list goes on to  other dumb shit like big girls being down to do more heaux shit in the bedroom because we like to go the extra mile to keep our men (including giving the best head), and because we like to eat, we know how to cook.

It all comes across as ‘Big girls had the shitty end of the stick their whole livesso any dusty crumb you throw them looks like a fucking buffet’. And in turn we’re supposedly supposed to be like, ‘Oh thank you, you dear, wonderful man, for paying attention to my undesirable fat ass. Here, have any and everything you want because I am fat, and yet by the grace of God, you still like me.’


This shit is not even big bitch specific, yet you lot are busy making lists about big girl perks, these times it’s just common, common behaviour that any girl of any size could embody if she likes you enough. Furthermore, why is your appreciation of big women all about the many ways that they can serve your entitled, ashy, fucked up feet, bad credit having ass?

I also find these proclamations and posts toxic as fuck because it’s the same as when smaller women are glorified over big girls and the big girls get shitted on, but in reverse.

The worst part is, there are larger women who will see this intolerance towards smaller women, and due to the narrative of slim girls always being in the forefront of what is desirable, there is sometimes a certain hate/envy for them that is present in them, so they will celebrate when those women are being dragged and they’re the ones put on a pedestal. It’s sad. It pits women against each other for male approval, as if to say that men are something truly worth competing over.

Don’t do or say shit that makes any woman feel like they aren’t good enough. You can celebrate one without damning the other. It doesn’t make you better or different because you’re making noise about the underdog, it’s still the same toxic behaviour and I’m not here for any of it.

Moving along...

The chubby chaser narrative reduces big women from being women to being a sum of sexual parts. Theyfetishize fat women and when you proper deep it, it’s mad fucked. These men have made the central reason that they like big girls about them being a walking kink. Women are often reduced to being sex objects but when it’s a fetish, it’s more intense. Chubby chasers hyper-sexualize big girls. Everything they like about big women is about how it arouses them, from fat girls typically having larger boobs and butts, thick lifesaving thighs, big tummies, stretchmarks…(being unfit so it’s harder to run away from them lol ), that’s why you get some of those extreme cases of fat fetishism that includes feeders.

Feeders scare me, bruv. They find big women and indulge their appetites until these bitches grow into a one man minivan, and they get turned on by how much of them there is. Bitch, have you seen them documentaries where these man have their woman so huge that they can't even find the pussy, but they don’t even mind too tough coz now they can fuck their rolls with no regrets? You are a mulit-purpose plus sized flesh light.

Fam, if you’re on this ‘I love big girls’ wave, ‘llow me. Squint your eyes and pretend I’m a skinny bitch; don’t like me. Them man will fuck your armpits and tell you, ‘it feels just like pussy’.  Don't @ me.

I avoid chubby chasers like I avoid eating ‘the sadness’ -or as it’s more commonly known, kale. Any time a man has felt so inclined to tell me he likes big girls, I automatically think, ‘You are not gonna have my fat ass laid up in no bed with Wotsits and McVities biscuit crumbs hidden in my rolls because I can’t reach them or move without assistance! I don’t like sponge baths! Why you always buying me ice cream for and you know I’mma say yes without hesitation?!? No mutha fucka, you ain’t about to make me embarrass myself in front of the neighbours to call the fire department to airlift my Jabba the Hut butt out of my fucking bed because I can’t walk! They are not about to call me Free Willy in these skreetz.’

Fight me!

That’s some backwards domination flex blud; they want you to be totally dependent on them.

In one feeder documentary, this woman wanted to leave her man but she couldn’t because he’d fed her till she was too fat to move. This bitch had to get cut out of her house to end the relationship. Aint that some shit!

They’re all feeders. All of dem! Don’t believe me? If you’ve been on a date with a guy who likes big bitches and your ass was on a diet but you kinda (definitelywanted to order dessert even though you know you shouldn’t, and he goes, "Just get it. It’s only one dessert,” that is called enabling. Do you know who enables? Feeders. Bitch, you need to run away from him like it’s the Get Out challenge!

Okay, I’m fucking about, they’re not all feeders. This kink manifests in other ways…

You see these skinny men that want your fat ass to sit on them and crush them till they can’t breathe…why are they tryna fuck up your CRB all because they wanna live life on the edge? Bruv, go bungee jumping, ride a fucking roller coaster, drink a pint of milk even though you know you’re ass is lactose intolerant if you need to get your thrills. I don’t have time for wee-woo wee-woo. I’m too cute to go to prison for involuntary manslaughter just because you want to buss a nut.

Sometimes they have this hyper-masculinity complex where maybe they aren’t as powerful as they would like to be in their day to day lives, and here you are, their saving grace, this big, sexy, jiggly puff with your lullaby tunush (coz your pum pum make them go night night),

and them, this mere mortal, is determined to conquer you like you are their personal Mount Everest. They want to tame the beast, to prove how much of a man they are.

Fellow plush pals, how many times have you been with men that are determined to pick you up and tell you how not heavy you are, while their legs are shaking like an earthquake coz they wanna prove that they can handle you?

No lie, one time I was with a partner (who I didn’t know what a chubby chaser until later on down the line) and I’m on top making it do what it do, lullaby tunush was in full effect. Two twos, this wasteman puts his fingertips at the top of the stretch marks on my stomach and starts dragging them downwards as if he’s the one creating them. I thought the shit was weird as fuck, but the dick was fire so I let it pass (don’t act like you ain’t never let some dodgy shit slide over some top of the line dick, bitch. Don’t judge me). I know that’s a more extreme example (I attract some weird fucking men), but it’s what I was saying about that whole taming the beast thing. Just before man went night, night, he sighed like ‘I went to battle and I survived.’

Bruv, it’s all long.

Another issue I have with some of these Mr ‘I Like Big Girls’ is...

...There’s a higher chance of a big girls being insecure, so some of these men use it to their advantage. To one extent or another, men are aware of what they’re doing when they celebrate and approach a woman who doesn’t know how to celebrate herself. They want you to feel so enamoured by them wanting you that they will make a big deal about how much they love and accept you being big.

Also, there are guys that do like more commercially attractive women, but for their own personal reasons, they feel like these women are too difficult or unattainable, so they have this complex about them and turn their attention towards women who they view as more attainable (fat girls are one example) because it makes it a bit ‘easier’.

To my ladies, bitch, you do not need to be grateful for any attention given to you by any man. You are deserving of it, period, because the same mutha fucking stardust that made all that other wonderful shit in this universe made you too, heaux. You are beautiful regardless of what anyone else thinks.

When you cheer these men on for liking women who look like you, you’re putting the power of validating yours and other women’s beauty in their hands. If you don’t think it’s cool for them to do it when it’s not in your favour it shouldn’t be cool the other way around. If it’s a problem, it’s a problem full stop.

A lot of people have no idea how attractive they are because they’re too busy waiting on someone else to tell them if they’re good enough instead of deciding that for themselves. Listen bitch, “If you live off a man's compliments, you'll die from his criticism” (- Cornelius Lindsey). He doesn’t have to like you for you to be the shit. That’s why you need to fuck with yourself more than anybody else (hold tite gyal like Banks), that’s what makes you beautiful, and confident, and sexy, and all the shit you want to be. YOU, not them.

Anyway…that’s just a lil bit about my opinion on that...lol.

I’d love to hear what you guys think, what experiences you’ve had with your own Mr ‘I Like Big Girls’, and if you’re here for it or not, so make sure to sound off in the comments below.

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