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A key tool in my weight loss journey is the Lose It app. This free app has made a huge difference in my dedication to my weight loss because it helps me track exactly what and how much I eat (so I don’t over indulge and put the weight back on), and document my progress as I go along with an approximation of when I will reach my goal weight, so I thought I’d give you the low down in case you too need a lil extra nudge in the right direction.


This post is not sponsored, I really just genuinely love Lose It because it actually works.

A common tip given to plush pals embarking on a weight loss journey is to keep a food diary to record everything that we consume so that we can track what food works for our body and what doesn’t, and also to keep our ass in check because the dietary slip ups is real in these skreetz.

I tried the traditional food diary route, but I wasn’t consistent with it so it didn’t do shit for me. I’d lose my damn diary most of the time, forget to write in it (when it wasn’t gathering dust wherever I’d lost it), or just straight not record accurate results (the Haagen Daaz I gleefully binged on would never turn up in there, because if I didn’t write it down, then did it really happen? #FatBitchLogic).

I soon gave up on it.

I finally decided to pull my socks up and went looking for a food diary app that would track what I ate as well as the calories in it, and low and behold, a hooker was blessed to find Lose It (the universe had clearly had enough of my half-assed shenanigans).

This is the universe yelling at me because it's had enough of my half-assed shenanigans.

This is the universe yelling at me because it's had enough of my half-assed shenanigans.

I browsed the ratings, reviews and features of this free weight loss app (as you do, because free doesn’t always mean worth it). Once satisfied with my findings I downloaded it to my phone quick, fast.

The set up is super easy; all you have to do is enter your date of birth, height and weight and voila, heaux, you is ready to do #SvelteHeaux2017 with Lose It.

After you entering your stats, the app asks you to enter your goal weight and when you’d like to achieve it by. It will give you a set amount of calories to consume per day and a realistic approximation of how long it will take you to reach your goal.

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The main tracking page is divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Each section recommends how many calories you should consume for each (it’s up to you whether you follow it or not). As you enter your food data throughout the day, the app will adjust and distribute the leftover calories for each section.

Entering food into the Lose It app is quick and easy, and (in my humble opinion) so much better than a traditional food diary because it also gives you info on what you’re eating as well.

Lose It allows you to track your food 4 ways:

1.       Use your phone to scan the bar code of a product. If it’s in the system (which most things are) it will provide all of the nutritional data for you. All you need to do is specify your serving size and Lose It does all the work.  

2.       Use the ‘Search’ feature. This is extra useful for foods that don’t immediately show up in the Lose It system o items that you can’t scan e.g. homemade dishes or eating out.

3.       Take a picture of your food and save the data for future reference.

4.       There is also the ‘Create Food’ option for products not yet logged. This allows you to enter the nutritional data on the back of your food packaging. Lose it will save it to the system and handle all calculations.

As we generally tend to eat more or less the same things, the app has a nifty system where you can jump to your past meals or browse your ‘My Food’ tab to simply select a meal instead of scanning or searching again.

As well as logging your meals, the app will log any exercise you do (there are loads of exercise options already logged for you to choose from with varying options for each one to give you the closest approximation). It calculates how many calories you’ve burned and readjusts your allowance for the remainder of the day so that you’re aware and don’t underfeed yourself (if you read my last post: 5 Eating Habits to Help You Lose Weight Faster, you’ll remember that underfeeding yourself can actually make you put on weight).

At the end of the day you swipe the ‘I’ve Logged Everything’ button and the app will provide you with an updated approximate date as to when you will reach your goal weight depending on what you consumed that day. I love this feature the most because it acts as a motivational incentive that helps you stay on track or lets you know if you need to step your shit up.

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This feature also come with a streak system to tell you how many days you’ve consistently logged your meals, which actively makes you want to keep it up.

Lose It provides you with an overview of your week, telling you how many calories you are over or under, along with a graph. If you exceed your allowance the graph will change from green to red.  I find this helpful because if I fuck up, my irritation at myself for letting it happen encourages me to check myself and do better.

There are additional features that allow you to interact with the Lose It community (I haven’t used this because I’m awkward and low key anti-social with that kind of stuff,

but if you end up using it, please let me know how you find it), suggests healthy recipe ideas and work outs (some of these are premium features), and earn achievements.

The only con I would give this app is that as you lose weight it keeps lowering your calorie allowance –there doesn’t appear to be a limit to how low it will go (something I witnessed in a YouTube video of a young lady who used the app to count her calories –it was telling her to eat only 900+, but she made it clear that it wasn’t enough so she would ignore it and eat the correct amount for her). Lose It had me consuming around 1380+ calories a day, but when I began my personal training sessions my trainer told me that it was too low and that I should be eating around 1,500 calories. In its defence, Lose It does notify you if you aren’t eating enough (under 1,200 calories), but I’d recommend that you find out how much you should be consuming (your GP or a nutritionist can help you with that).

Other than that, it’s a great fucking app! 

Using Lose It made me more conscious of what I put in my body, it made me more educated about my calorie intake (a key factor in weight loss), and discouraged me from overeating.

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If you’re struggling with weight loss or you think you could benefit from a little more discipline (couldn’t we all *le dreamy sigh* …yes that was a BDSM reference, and no it was not appropriate, but so? lol), give it a go and see if you like it…the Lose It app, I mean, not the BDSM…unless you want to ‘cause I also recommend that lol.

…How did I make this get here?


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