Bomb A** £1 Lashes (#Lavish4Less)

A few weeks ago on my Snapchat after yet another random Primark haul (Primark actually need to adopt me because I literally LIVE in that damn shop), I finally gathered the courage to make the purchase I’d been umming and ahhing over for the longest while -I copped a set of their PS… Dramatic False Eyelashes.

When I initially joined the strip lash club, I bought a pair of 2True’s (that’s that super cheap brand that doesn’t even get granted shelf space) lashes from Superdrug’s to practice with. Hooker, they were stiff like old synthetic weave and they had a white lash band that I had no choice but to colour in with eyeliner so that I stopped looking like a prostitute who’d lost her juice. I HATED them so much that I swore I’d avoid being such a cheap heaux ever again...


So how did I end up going back on my word?

1: Because I am still pre-rich up in this bitch and saving them coins is life.

2: After Primark converted me with their fly ass £2 nails I had to give their lashes a go.

3: If it’s not by force for me to spend £4 and up for lashes, then bitch, I won’t! Told you already, a heaux is about saving these muh fuckin’ coins, and if I save then bitch, so do you ‘cause you know I’m about that pre-rich eleganza plug life. I've got you, hunty!

After swooning and swearing about all the fly shit I picked up on my Snapchat, I tried them out on one eye.

I was on the fence.

They looked great, but me being new to the strip lash game, I sometimes have a hard time applying them, and like the 2true lashes, they felt stiff like old Premium Now bundles, which made them hard to work with.

Then I had an idea (because I wanted more than anything to save them coins -£1 for lashes that actually look nice is a major key) -if they’re stiff, make them flexible. Duh! Before I applied the second lash to my other eye I trimmed it to fit my lash line better, then bent the band in several places so it wasn’t stuck in the straight and unforgiving line.

Bitch, the muh fuckin’ lash game done changed forever!

After that minor adjustment, those Primark lashes were giving me so much life that I died for fun and let them resuscitate me. Hallelu! I was not ready for how easy slaying the game was once I did that. I actually applied it in one go and that is a rarity for me. The shit is bomb! I mean, the proof is in the pudding; look at these full and flirty £1 bedroom eyes looking all expensive and shit.

Honest to God, since I bought those lashes, a bitch hasn’t even breathed on my other ones. Application is so much easier than any other lash I’ve put on, so if you’re new to strip lash gang like I am, this shit is for you, heaux.

Primark’s lashes come in 7 different styles to cater to those who like a more natural doe eyed look, to you extra heauxs like me who want lashes they can fly away with. They come in strip and individual (which I want to try next) and all for £1!

In my experience, glue that comes with lashes is dead so I used my fave, DUO lash glue (in dark), to make sure my shit stays put.

If you decide to give ‘emgo, post a pic and make sure you hit me up (scottyunfamous) and lemme know your thoughts.

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I’ll be back on Monday with another #SvelteHeaux2017 post, so until then, you fabulous fancy faced vixen, I hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend filled with sunshine, alcohol, good sex and your everlasting slayage.

Love Scotty x

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Shakira Scott