#Lavish4Less: Fancy Nails Extravaganza

Welcome to the first Lavish 4 Less post, the blog segment where I help you look as expensive as you feel on the inside, on the outside, on a pre-rich (because we don’t believe in broke) budget.

I’ll be covering everything from fashion to hair and beauty to plug you guys on how to look your best for less and spilling the tea on each product so you can decide if it’s worth your coins or not.

It’s pay day and you’re so freaking relieved because those acrylic nails you have on have grown so far from your cuticles that you and them are in a different postcodes. You’re gagging for a refill to put an end to you aesthetic struggle so that your hands can stop making you look like a hooker going through a rough patch, and it’ll only cost you £10 and up -or more if you require a whole new set.

But what if you didn’t have to suffer like that anymore and you could have rich bitch hands every day?

Welcome to the wonderful world of press-on nails, heaux!

I know, I know, 'Press-on nails, ew!' Like you, I was once an avid believer in going to the salon at least twice a month to get my nails done, until one day that all changed. I was heading off for a weekend in Amsterdam with Mr, but I’d been so busy on the lead up to it that I never had time to hit the salon. Out of sheer desperation one grey, cold and wet British afternoon (aka, summertime..lol I'm kidding), I happened to be in my favourite place in earth –Primark –and came across a pack of these fly ass press-on nails. They were a deep matte red with a gold glitter and clear crystal design (so extra) and they looked fucking bomb. Heaux, when my pre-rich ass saw that they were only £1, I snatched them up quick, fast.

I didn’t have high expectations, I mean they were £1, how good could they be?

Bitch, by the time I finished applying them I felt like myself again: extra as fuck. I was parading them on Snapchat and Instagram for everyone to admire


That day changed my life.

After that, each time I stopped by Primark I would come out with different sets of nails (like 3 to 4 boxes of them because I must have them all) and the compliments came rolling in…

“Omg, I love your nails!”

“Your nails are so nice!”

And when they asked where I got them done, I would reply, “I got them from Primark.”

*cue shocked look cause my nails are so bomb* “No way!”

Even the customers at my work place (predominantly men…I’m secretly a stripper…ha! I wish!) would tell me how nice my nails looked.

Heaux, at £1 - £2 a pop the shit has you looking expensive, so really you can’t go wrong. As promised, I’m gonna give you the tea on this product so that you can decide if it’s worth splashing your cash.

The pros of this product are that they look AMAZING, they’re super-duper affordable, easy to apply (if you want to know the best way to apply press-ons, click here for my GIY post), there is a wide variety of designs (including matte, chrome, holographic, metallic, glitter and more) and shapes (including stiletto, coffin, square and rounded). They’re easy to remove, they won’t break your nails if they break (which they generally don’t), and they can last up to a week or more. To be extra EXTRA, you can mix and match the designs to your liking. The best part is that even if they do fall off, you don’t have to stress about having mismatched hands because you can stick I right back on in 5 seconds and act like it never happened. You can’t do that with acrylics.

The cons are that as they are thinner than acrylics so they may bend if too much force is applied. The gel designs may rub off of some of them over time, but that’s like your nail varnish chipping off, so personally, I don’t see it as a problem. The glue it comes with isn’t the greatest so I recommend investing a better quality one (see my Unicorn Nail GIY post for my recommendation). If you do choose to use their glue just make sure you carry it with you in case you need to reapply. I recommend doing this regardless to be honest.

So that’s it, my lovelies. Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried this product and what you think of it. If your're feeling my content, please be sure to sign up to my mailing list (below)

Until next time, my loves.

Love Scotty xx

Shakira Scott