#GIY Luxury Marble & Gold Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great way to make your living space look more sophisticated and bougie, so for this week’s G.I.Y we’re taking it back to home décor with this lavish but affordable coffee table that you can easily glam yourself all for under £40.


  • Lack Coffee Table, IKEA: £26
  • D-C-FIX Marble Effect, Beige Self Adhesive Film, B & Q: £6.50
  • Rust-Oleum Gold Metallic Special Effect Paint, B&Q: £5.23
  • Screwdriver
  • Paint brush
  • Newspaper
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Rubber gloves (optional)
  • Credit/debit card


  • Clear a large space on a hard surface (preferably the floor if it’s not carpeted). Unbox your flat pack IKEA coffee table, organise the pieces and set them all to one side.
  • Begin by taking your table top, self-adhesive marble paper, scissors and a pencil. Roll the marble paper out with the design on the bottom (you should be looking at the guidelines). Lay the table top face down on top of it and line it up with the guidelines. Leave enough extra paper around the edges to fold down the sides of the table top and tuck underneath (this method will make people actually think it’s marble).
  • With your pencil, mark out on your guidelines how much of the paper you are going to use for the table top, then take your scissors and cut it out.
  • Move the table top and marble paper onto a table (if you don’t have it on there already) and peel the guide paper away from the adhesive one. Secure it on one side of the table top whilst it’s still upside down, then flip everything over and use your credit/debit card to carefully push down along the adhesive paper in small sections to make sure it sticks well and reduces air bubbles (don’t worry if you mess up, you can always peel it back and do it again if you’re unhappy with it).
  • Set your now marbled table top aside and put some newspaper down. Grab your table legs, gold paint and paint brush (grab you gloves too if you’re worried about getting paint on your hands). Stand the legs upright and cover them in a thin coat of paint. Wait for two hours for them to dry then apply another, thicker coat. Leave it to dry overnight.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions that IKEA has supplied and assemble your coffee table as normal (this is where you’ll need your screwdriver). Don’t fret, it’s super simple.

And there you have it; your £26 IKEA table is now an Instagram worthy, luxe marble and gold masterpiece and has elevated your living space to pre-rich, bougie bitch levels.

Inject some extra eleganza by slipping a white faux fur rug underneath it (£10 in IKEA), create a floral centrepiece to decorate it with (which I show you how to make here), throw on some candles and a good book (I recommend Unfamous, which you can purchase here) and voila! You have upped your lavish levels and didn’t have to spend a fortune to do it.

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Until next time, fancy face

Love Scotty x

Shakira Scott