#RunningWilde Ch. 33 | Babylon


But you're so brave

Stone cold crazy for loving me

Yeah I'm amazed

I hope you make it out alive


Jhene Aiko



Head down, eyes to the ground, ankles together, knees apart, hands on thighs.

Heaven had been anxious about giving herself to Aiden, but now that it was done her anxiety subsided and a stillness had come over her. She didn't feel any different -not in any way that she could identify anyway. She thought she would, that somehow being his Submissive would have a weight to it, make her feel trapped or nervous because her wellbeing was in his hands, but it didn't. The contract was just a piece of paper. Heaven realised that maybe she had always been his but unwilling to admit it.

Aiden got to his feet and stroked her curls in the manner that you would a cat. She leant into his touch. "Now that it's official, I think it's only right that we mark the occasion. Don't you?" He tilted her face up to his.

"Yes sir," she replied softly, all of the bite gone from her tone, eager to be on her best behaviour.

The corner of his lips curved upwards at the sound of her willing obedience. He dug into his back pocket and produced a black leather box with gold piping on the top. He flipped it open to reveal a rose quartz cameo pendant surrounded by delicate gold filigree with opaque rose gold straps of organza spouting from either side. The clasp at the back was made up of two small gold blocks that overlapped each other when closed, with a tiny keyhole in the back. "This is for you." Aiden lifted the choker out of the box and Heaven saw the tiny gold key resting underneath. Aiden stood behind her and swept her pink curls over her shoulder. He placed the cameo at the hollow of her throat and pulled the organza straps around her neck. "This is your collar. You're mine now so you are to wear it at all times," he said placing the tiny key in the tiny hole and turning it until there was a tiny clicking sound. He pocketed the key, "You're mine."

"This is my collar?"

"That's what I said. Do you like it?"

"Yes sir," she smiled then added quickly, "Thank you." Aiden acknowledged her manners with a sharp nod. "I've got to admit, I didn't expect it to look like this."

"What did you expect, Heaven?" he said smoothing his rough hands along her shoulders and up her throat

She dropped her head and her skin flushed, camouflaging the organza straps just the way Aiden had imagined; "Leather, studs, spikes...a link for a leash to be attached. You know...a collar."

"I can get you one of those of you'd like."

"No," she said quickly, touching her hand to the cameo, "This is beautiful."

Aiden's eyes tightened, "Did I give you permission to move?" he said sharply.

Heavens hand snapped back to her thigh, "No sir."

He circled her slowly, "You've read the contract. You know what's expected of you, so why would you break the rules, Heaven?"

"I didn't mean to."

"Whether you meant to or not is inconsequential." He stooped down in front of her and took her face in his hands, "You are new to this, but you will learn. I will make sure of it," he said darkly, his eyes glinting with excitement at the thought of how he planned to teach her.

Heaven pressed her fingers into her thighs to keep her arms from shaking, "What are you going to do?"

He rested his hands on top of hers, rubbing his thumb over the back of them to calm her quivering, "What every good Dom does to their bad Sub," he kissed her lips gently until her shaking stopped altogether then whispered, "I'm going to punish you." He stood up and walked over to the wall, eying the various instruments that hung from hooks and bars.

"You don't have to. I won't do it again, I promise."

"I know you won't," he stood by the St Andrews Cross, "Get up and come here."

Heaven looked at the large slabs of dark mahogany crossed in an X shape, with the long satin ties hanging, waiting -taunting her. She swallowed. Ever since he'd mentioned the infamous cross she'd been curious to try it, but now it that was happening she couldn't recall what she'd been so excited about. This was authentic BDSM territory. She'd imagined something hot, taboo and maybe even a little fun, but he was annoyed with her for slipping up. He was making her first experience on it part of her punishment. Would fun even factor into it? She stood up and shuffled over to him, her eyes wide and wary and her knees ready to give way at any given moment.

Aiden watched her approach him with a cold, hard expression etched on his face that he knew would only elicit more anxiety in her. When she stopped he tugged on the sash of her robe to reveal her naked body then pushed it off of her shoulders. Black satin fluttered to the ground and pooled around her feet, making it seem as if his golden fantasy girl had risen out of the darkness. He took a moment to admire her dressed in nothing but her new collar, with her candy coloured curls turning different shades of a late sunset under the flashing lights.

"Face the wall and put your hands above your head."

Heaven pivoted and slowly raised her arms into the air.

Aiden came behind her and held her by the waist. Open palms swept up the side of her ribs, swooped the soft swell of her breasts, and climbed up over her elbows all the way to the tips of her fingers. He spread his hands over the back of hers and pushed them against the opposing ends of the cross. He tied her hands to either side, using the double overhand knotting method to make sure that the ribbons were good and tight so that she didn't have the option of pulling her hand free, with little to no give so that she wouldn't be able to move them at all. He tugged on her writs to make sure.

Heaven's heart sped up.

His hands slid back down her elongated frame and around to her front where they circled her naval, making her squirm and sigh. "I'm going to enjoy this," he smiled. His lips met the nape of her neck, leaving his lip print across the clasp before he trickled more of them down her spine as he crouched down. "Spread your legs for me." He watched as the gap between her thighs widened, her skin flushed warmer, and her lower lips parted, glistening with her arousal and absorbing the pulsating red and blue lights. Aiden placed his finger on the crease at the apex of her inner thigh and pulled her lips open wider. He bit down on his bottom lip, "Poke it out for me, baby. Let me see that pretty pussy," he growled.

Heaven's walls slickened and tightened.

It was always shocking to hear him speak so explicitly, but as mortified as she thought she should be, she wasn't. When Aiden was in his element, the thug in him would crash through his cultivated sophistication and eloquence. He was so brash, so demanding. It was hot. She swooned for the Brixton bad boy that he was at heart.

Heaven arched her back as much as she could but the restrictions of her hands bound to the cross didn't give her much leeway.

Aiden ran his finger back and forth along her crease, skirting the outside of her sex, knowing how maddening it was for her. "You've gotta try a little harder than that," he purred, "I can't kiss it properly if I can't see it. You want me to kiss it don't you?"

She jerked in his hand as the contractions in her stomach grew stronger. "Yes sir," she breathed.

He removed his hand. "Then try harder." He shifted forward; his mouth mere millimetres from her wetness, blowing warm air into her slit, making her clit harden. Heaven rested her face against the V of the cross and pushed back.

His cupid's bow grazed her labia.


Aiden ran his tongue slowly across his top lip, tasting the warm, sticky moisture she'd left behind, simultaneously teasing her with the smooth underside of it.

Heaven gasped.

Shudder. Shudder.

Her knees buckled and her wrists strained sharply at the binds, and for one small fraction of a moment her softness was engulfed by the wet heat of his mouth. She whined in blissed out frustration. That fraction of a moment was worth signing her name on the dotted line

"Mmm. You almost had it, baby," he teased, "And you taste so fucking good. If only you'd try a little harder."

Heaven tried to bend without making the ribbons cut into her wrists, but all she could get was the infuriating graze of his cupid's bow again. "I can't, sir" she panted irritably. "Please come closer."

"No. Try harder, Heaven."

She tried, twisting and turning her hips with fervour only to almost meet his kiss. She growled, "I can't!"

The air cracked as Aiden swiped the underside off her ass, "Who are you raising your voice at?"

She groaned and clutched at the binds, briefly relaxing against the contraption as a small wave of calm flowed over her. It wasn't what she ached for, but it was something. It was contact with him. It was release, sweet, satisfactory release that stung and warmed her skin, sending fine volts of white hot electricity through her nervous system. She bit the corner of her lip and tugged at the small salacious smile that slowly crept across it. God, she was tempted to yell at him again. "Please, sir," she squeaked, feigning the innocence that she had long been stripped of and subtly swaying her hips from side to side.

Aiden's member twitched. His erection was taut and tender to the point that the weight of his trousers and boxers restraining him made him more irritable. All he wanted was to get to his feet and slam every last throbbing inch of his length inside of her as hard as he could, over and over, each stroke hitting her back wall, warning her not to tease him like that ever again but making her want to just to experience just how ferocious and unforgiving he could be. Heaven didn't understand how dangerous it was for him to want her as much as he did, and now that she was his and he could have as much of her as he wanted it didn't ease his cravings, it only made them stronger and more frequent. Aiden knew from experience that that feeling wouldn't subside as the relationship progressed, that the closer they became, the more his desires would take him over.

Her swaying really wasn't helping. Her flower opening and closing, her slender, tight curves flexing and grooving –plus she was bound. Holy fuck, she was bound to his cross, unable to escape him, naked, wanting and misbehaving.

Good girls didn't misbehave.

Hard palms to soft skin, and a louder crack in the sound barrier that ricocheted off of the walls. Head flung back, knees buckled and a blush coloured mouth caught between white teeth as Aiden snapped at her, "Keep still."

"God!" she screamed, her body quivering as the electricity amplified and his hand print surfaced on her skin in his favourite colour.

Aiden traced his finger around the outline as it began to fade and blur together, "You're a bad, bad girl, Heaven, trying to seduce me like that. What's gotten into you tonight?"

She echoed his words back at him softly, "I need you."

"You need me?"

"Yes sir."

"Where do you need me, Heaven? Do you need me here?" He dragged his finger across her skin to her opening and circled the tight circumference, languidly. "Is this where you need me, baby?"


"Yes sir."

"Do you need my mouth there?"


"Yes sir."

He pushed his finger a fraction deeper and continued to circle her, "Do you need me to kiss it, Heaven? Do you need to feel Sir's tongue in your pretty pussy?"

Her sex swelled and turned a deeper shade of pink, accumulating enough moisture that it began to gather and drip from her centre and down his finger. "Mmmmmyes...yes sir."

"Well first you have to apologise for being a bad girl."

"I'm sorry, sir."

"What are you sorry for, Heaven?" he pulled his finger back out and circled the edges of her love again.

Heaven fought the urge to scream. "For being a bad girl, sir," she said through gritted teeth. Calling herself a 'bad girl' made her feel juvenile, but at the same time, something about it was empowering. In admitting her attempt to manipulate him a little spark of her control was regained. It made her realise that she had more power as his sub than she initially thought. She could get him to touch her, she just couldn't control how he did it.



Knee-buckling shudder.

"Are you giving me attitude again, Heaven?"

"No sir," she panted, burying her face further into the V of the cross to hide her smile.


"Don't lie to me."

"YES SIR!" she cried.


The words rushed out of her, "I'm sorry for being a bad girl, sir." There was that feeling again, that powerful defiance.

"Now," Aiden went back to stroking her thigh, "Remind me what it is you need," he smirked, satisfied with her response.

"I need you, sir."

"And what do you need from me?"

Heaven paused. He was testing her, wanting her to reply with the answer that would please him most. She blushed furiously as the correct one came to mind; "I need to feel Sir's tongue in my pretty pussy," she whispered.

Aiden's breath caught in his chest. He'd wondered what it would be like to hear her speak so blue but never did he imagine that it would capture him as fiercely as this. Only angels could make sin sound so sinful. It was wonderfully maddening. "What was that?"

"I need to feel-oh-god!"

Aiden painted glossy patterns across her lips with her nectar that continued to pool and drip from her. He groaned at the sight, "Look at how bad you want it." He spread it along the crease of her inner thigh, causing her to squirm more. "I don't think I've ever seen you this wet before, Heaven. I really want you to put your pussy in my mouth so I can tongue-fuck you, deep..."


"...but you just won't try harder. I'm starting to think you don't deserve it."

They were back to the original game. After all of that he was still punishing her. "Please sir," she twisted herself more.

Aiden tutted and shook his head, brushing his torturous lips back and forth over hers, "There's no use in begging me, Heaven. I'm not the one stopping you, you are. All you have to do is come a little closer and I'll be more than happy to give you what you need."

She strained again. "The ribbons are hurting my wrists, sir."

"I know," he smirked, "Surely you don't expect me to reward you for nothing, Heaven, especially after you've been so badly behaved?"

She gritted her teeth, "No, sir." Heaven realised that the only way she was going to get him to give her the pleasure of his kiss was to put herself through pain.

She fixed herself to stand up, unwilling to hurt herself to earn her 'reward' when Aiden stuck out his tongue and ever so gently flicked it underneath the dripping at her opening and moaned.

He closed his eyes and swallowed.

He shouldn't have done that.

He should have waited, but Heaven was liquefying before his eyes and the temptation of tasting her had become too much too resist. He knew he had to regain control and fast.

"You have ten seconds before my offer expires," he grunted. "Ten... Nine... Eight..."

Heaven gritted her teeth and strained against the binds to arch her back deep enough to reach him. Her palms swelled scarlet and below the taut gathers of fabric her wrists paled to the colour of the winter sun.


She bent her knees and a blend of throaty growling sounds and erratic whimpers escaped her.


The bones in her palms curved inwards, pushing her thumb closer to her little finger.


The cross creaked.

Aiden's heart hammered at her desperation. He was making her do this for him. She wanted him so badly that she was willing to push her own boundaries, grunting and trying her damnest to block out the pain.


Heaven cried out just as she made contact.

He gripped onto her hips and moaned into her, glad that she had passed his test, glad to finally ravish her the way he wanted. He wasn't sure if her cries were from the deep workings of his tongue or the strain of the ribbons around her wrists, but it didn't matter; the sound was erotic and untamed and made fluid leak from his member. She was screaming and panting, and writhing while his grumbles of, "You're such a good girl, such good fucking girl," vibrated into her core.

Heaven squeezed her eyes tighter, unable to gather her thoughts or decipher exactly how the sensation of Aiden's mouth managed to make the pain in her wrists translate to something so intoxicating. Pleasure had taken over and was shooting around her body like an everlasting electric shock. He buried his face deep and leant closer allowing her to ease the tension on her hands until she was back in her original position with her head leant in the slant of the V and his lips were gently pecking her clit.

"Thank you sir," she exhaled as he pulled away.

"How do you feel?" he asked readying the ribbons at the bottom of the cross.

Heaven flexed her fingers lazily and blinked, "A little better," she said surprised. She glanced over her shoulder at him, "You?"

Aiden looked up at her from under his lashes as he made several intricate knots and looped the ribbon around her left ankle, "I'm very much looking forward to fucking you hard up against this cross." He gave the ends one hard tug and secured her foot then moved to the next one. When he was done she was stretched out like a starfish, pulled so tightly that she was sure that if he plucked one of her arms it would resemble the sound of a harp string.

Seeing her bound completely made his dick throb and stirred the beast inside of him. He could feel it unfurling its claws and flexing its thick muscles as it settled inside of his bones, ready and waiting to become one with him. He stood up and slipped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his face into her neck, "You sure you're okay?" It was imperative that she was because what was coming next would leave what they'd just done in the shadows.

"Yes sir," she whispered back feeling just how hard he was. She was flummoxed that he was able to keep himself from taking her at that very moment because his intimidating length and thickness felt powerful enough to tear through his clothes.

"Okay," he kissed the hollow behind her ear. "Remind me what your safe words are."

"Twilight and Midnight, sir."

"Good girl. Twilight is for?"

"For when I need you to go easy me."

"And Midnight?"

"For when I need you to stop, sir."

Aiden rubbed his face in her curls and breathed her in, "If you feel like you need to use them, do not hesitate. Do not say stop or no, as I may take that as part of our play."

She frowned, "Why would that be part of our play?"

Aiden turned his face away as a memory of Ash pretending to resist him as he pinned her against a wall, raised her skirt and tore off her thong before she let him take her in a most animalistic fashion, crossed his mind. "Because you may not mean it." He forced the memory back down before it could ruin his first real scene with Heaven. "BDSM play can get dark. As you get more comfortable with your sexuality and become more trusting of me you may find that there are certain fantasies you want to explore. Fantasies that others are afraid to admit turns them on, let alone act out. This is a safe space for you to do that without judgement, but you have to be responsible about it and I have to trust that you will be, otherwise you will compromise my role as your Dominant. We have safewords for a reason and it is important that you use them to communicate when you've had enough. Okay?"

"Yes sir," she nodded.

"Just because my sexual tastes are more eccentric, that doesn't mean that I am willing to compromise your safety." He breathed her in again, "You are mine, Heaven. It's a priority." He moved to her side and cupped her face, softly kissing her bitten lips and brushing his tongue against hers.

She wished she could hold him. He made every kiss feel like falling in love.

He pulled away and his charcoal eyes burned into hers, "I'm going to blindfold you now." He went to the other side of the room and returned with a black ribbon to match the ones wrapped around her wrists. He covered her eyes, plunging her into darkness. Now the only senses she had to rely on was what she could hear, smell, feel and taste.

The racing thump-thump of her heart and heavy breathing.

Leather, metal, sweat, sex and Molten Brown shower gel.

Smooth satin, cold wood, the slight chill in the air, concrete beneath her feet and the embossed planes of Aiden's solid anatomy and his sweltering body heat against her back.

The faint sweet and salty stickiness of her sex mixed with saliva.

Losing her sight made her more aware of everything else and the more she noticed things the more heightened the experience became.

"What should I use on you first" Aiden asked himself, studying the racks of floggers, canes, riding crops, whips and paddles. It was her first time and he had no doubt that her mind was reeling. He could sense how nervous she was and he didn't want to push her too far too soon.

He had planned to use the riding crop but instead he opted for the flogger, an instrument with a handle as long as his forearm with strips of black leather woven in a basket weave all the way down before each strip flowed freely from the end, giving it the resemblance of a menacing tassel. He bounced the handle around in his palm, reacquainting himself with one of his old favourites. He grabbed the Ben Wa balls from a shelf nearby and placed them in his mouth

Aiden stood at her back without touching her, "Remember these?" he shook the chiming silver balls.

Heaven's stomach clenched.

She remembered how heavy they were and how the heaviness only made her ache for Aiden grow stronger to the point that if left long enough it would turn from something pleasurable to something quite the opposite.

He got down on his knees and flung the flogger over his shoulder. He rolled the first ball around her opening and watched as she squirmed against the binds, then pushed it inside.

Heaven bit her already swollen lips, unsure of when her silence was meant to start.

Aiden kissed the small of her back and held onto her hips as he pushed the ball higher so the second one could enter. He patted her sex, drumming his fingers against her clit so she clenched and unclenched, her vaginal muscles lifting the silver domed weights higher. Standing, he grabbed the flogger from his should and laid the straps against her thigh. Heaven flinched at the dozens of sleek feelers tickling and falling over her skin.

"This is a flogger," he told her, gliding the strips up her leg around her front and over her breasts, acquainting her with its feel. He lifted it from her and grabbed the ends of the strips in his other hand, pushing them towards the handle then tugging on them with lighting speed so that they made an intimidating snapping sound. Heaven gasped and jerked against the cross. Aiden smirked darkly. "Thirty-eight," he reminded her of the number she'd chosen many nights ago when she had started to become more than his captive. "I want you to count each one. If you miss a number we will start from the top. The more times you make me start over, the more you risk seeing evidence of this in the morning, so be a good girl and do as you're told."

Okay sir," she nodded. She sucked in her breath and exhaled heavily, flexing her fingers and readying herself for the first strike.

"Personally I would love to see your body decorated by my hand." He raised the flogger in the air.