#RunningWilde Ch. 31 | Choose Me Back


Love is not what has failed

Why can't we both be saved?

For the older games we've played

We have already paid.

-Stranger, Lover




Dougie's threat forced Heaven to take an unforgiving look at her relationship with Aiden. Nobody had questioned if her feelings for him were true before. It was different when the question came from somebody else, especially his best friend. Instead of her reeling mind that sometimes made her feel like she didn't know her up from her down, her love from her lust and her guilt from her hate. Though she was sure that the intention of Dougie's question hadn't been to stir up any sort of resolution within her, it had, and resolute she was.

The moment Aiden stepped through the door an electrical charge filled the compound and she was the only one who felt the bite of the static before he even came into contact with her. That thing that connected them alerted her to his presence. It shot up her spine and flourished through her limbs leaving her teetering along the edges of a pending disaster or glory as she eagerly awaited him. She sat on the edge her bed, her hands clutching the perimeter, her fingers digging into the mattress anticipating the moment he would enter her room and look at her with his midnight eyes, touch her skin with his tempestuous hands and kiss her with his sinful mouth. It was then that she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, because not just anyone could do that to another person.

Aiden swept in like the tail end of a tornado, his unsettled presence putting everyone on edge so much so that they vanished into their own corners out of his way. The Mafia were used to him being in a foul mood when he returned from his mother's house, it was rare that any of Aiden's encounters with Grace ever ran smoothly, the only props they could give him was that he carried himself a little more bearably than Keegan used to after speaking to their mother. Keegan was like a bull in a china shop whereas Aiden was a quiet storm, channelling all of his frustrations into whatever task he had to deal with next.

Oh Heaven. Poor, sweet Heaven.

She heard his harsh resounding voice call for Trish, followed by the quick clip-clopping of Trish's slippers as she bravely went to him. Trish cooed and Jamie giggled as she retrieved him from his uncle, then her soft muffled voice asked Aiden, "Are you okay?"

No reply came.

Instead his heavy boot steps became louder as he approached Heaven's door and suddenly there he was, pending disaster or glory, stood before her. He didn't look right. Heaven couldn't fathom what could possibly have happened between his leaving and his return to make him look so severe, but being in his line of work she figured it could be anything from a bad deal to something she knew he was frighteningly capable of. She hoped it wasn't.

She stood and reached for his face, watching him cautiously as she came close to touching him, hoping that it was okay if she did, and he watched her, his chest heaving and his breath straining through tight lips. He fought to subdue the fire in his chest, because Heaven didn't deserve to behold the fury his mother had kindled, he knew she didn't, but he caught her wrist and pulled her to him anyway, knotting his fingers in her hair, tilting her head up and devouring her mouth with rough kisses that would leave her lips sore. He crushed her body to his to the point that if he held her any tighter she'd bruise, and yet she clutched at him, holding him back as tightly as she could, whimpering as if it still wasn't enough. Aiden groaned and deepened the kiss. They were crashing, and crashing, and crashing, and then Heaven felt it once more; the falling.

The sadist and the masochist could make a heaven out of any hell.

When they parted she was breathless and he was still. His storm had passed with one kiss. She'd done that. He let her touch him now.

Heaven traced the back of her knuckles across the sharp cut of his cheekbone, "Where did you go?" It sounded like 'I missed you'.

"I went to see my mother."

"What happened?"

Aiden rested his forehead against hers, the tip of their noses touching. "I don't want to talk about it."


His large hands fell to her sides and squeezed the curve of her waist as if he wanted to tear right through her. Pressing his turgid shaft against her, he kissed her again with more urgency. "I need you."

"I know," she breathed against his lips, too strung out on the way his mouth felt to break the kiss for even a moment.

"No," his hand slipped around to her navel then travelled upwards, between her breasts and up over her collarbone until it settled around her neck. He squeezed, waiting for the sound of her breathing to grow harsher before he kissed her again with more ferocity, biting on her lips until her whimpers joined. "You have no fucking idea." He was throbbing against her, desperate to exorcise his frustrations through her evangelical sounds of pleasure to find peace the best way he knew how. "When I return, I want you in your robe and nothing else." He released her.

Heaven was tying the sash around her waist when Aiden returned with another contract. She froze. This time there was no mistaking what it was for.

When he'd said he needed her, he meant every word of it. It was no longer enough for him to take her with accents of his true nature; he craved the entirety of his desire now more than ever. All of his pent up rage needed release. Over the years he'd trained himself to divulge it in other ways, usually through the settling of a score, no matter how petty, or when he had no other choice, channelling it into growing his empire. But he'd succumbed to temptation with Heaven grudgingly yet willingly at his mercy. His only urge was to feed his addiction.

She eyed the sheets of A4 paper with rows upon rows of neat black squiggly shapes that plainly proposed an agreement between the two of them. Aiden took her hand and brushed his lips across the back of her knuckles, hoping to pull her attention away from the document and soften that look of terror on her face, "You don't need to be afraid?"

That was easy for him to say, he wasn't the one being proposition to legally sign over his freedom. "I thought it was supposed to be my choice?" she tried to pull her hand free.

Aiden held tighter, "It is." He turned her hand over and placed the contract in her palm. The heading printed in thick black sans-serif font made her palms moisten against the paper 'Contract of Submission'. "I told you that I need you and I mean it. This," he slipped his hand around her wrist to calm her shaking hand, "Is me needing you. This is me choosing you, Heaven, and all I'm asking is that you choose me back." His thumb caressed back and forth over her wrist, and by and by her muscles loosened. She chewed on her lip and looked up at him; it was much less daunting than staring at the paper, in fact it made his request not seem absolutely preposterous and more...intimate, like he was asking her for more. Well yes, he was asking for more, he wanted her to be his sub, but it was the way he asked, with his velveteen voice and his gentle touches that made Heaven think that her being his sub was something else entirely to Aiden than it was to her.

Aiden saw the way Heaven's worry faded and something warmer took up residence in her eyes when she looked at him. He stepped closer, "This is not something I do lightly. As you know, I've only ever had one other sub and when that ended I wasn't sure I would ever be able to connect with anyone like that again," Aiden cupped her face, "And then I met you, Heaven." His index finger pressed against her lips and she parted them for him. He sucked air between his teeth and his trousers felt tighter. "You're meant for me." He crushed his mouth against her open one, his tongue slipping against hers, his hands fisting her hair, biting her lips and waiting, waiting until the moment she pressed against him and whimpered. The moment she succumbed to him he edged back abruptly, just enough so that there was a thin veil of space between them. She blinked up at him; eyes bright, breath ragged, and skin flushed, confused as to why he'd stopped when it was getting so good. Aiden unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out. He gripped his shaft tightly until a bead of clear, sticky liquid formed at the top, then parted the gap in Heaven's robe and grazed the head of his hardness against her clit in small circular motions. "I want to gag you, bend you over your desk, and fuck you. Hard."

Heaven stomach fluttered and warm honey pooled out of her, mixing with his. "Jesus, Aiden," she breathed.

He placed her hand on him and moved it along his length until she had the rhythm he liked and their sexes were making wet noises. Heaven's eyes lulled and she rested her head against the solidness of his chest, working him and stimulating herself at the same time. She moved him lower, ready to insert him inside of her in the hope that he would make good on his word, when Aiden jumped back.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she half snapped. The ache of needing to feel him was speeding at her like a runaway train and he'd just diverted it onto another track.

He held up her hand with the contract now crumpled between her damp fist. "Will you choose me back?"

Barefoot and draped in black satin, Heaven followed Aiden down to the playroom.

"On your knees, eyes down, ankles together, thighs apart and your hands on top of them like you did before."

She did so reluctantly, the budding, slippery ache between her legs driving her to follow his orders more than anything else. She knew she'd been played, but wanting him the way she did, the way that made her want to claw at her skin to set her burning free, stopped her from caring. As long as he fixed her she could forgive him for it.

Aiden bent at the waist and tilted her chin up. "I have some business to handle upstairs. That should give you enough time to read this," he spread the contract out on the floor before her. "When I return I will answer any questions you have and we'll adjust the terms so that you are comfortable. Okay?"

Heaven nodded.

"What was that?" he arched his brow.

"Yes sir."

"Good girl." Aiden kissed her on her forehead and straightened up. Looking at her knelt at his feet so obediently, sensing how much she wanted to be relieved as much as he did made it hard for him to walk away, but he had to. If he was to do this with her, he had to exercise control not only over her but over himself too. He couldn't allow this part of him to take over again, especially not with the storm brewing on the horizon. "You will not move from this position until I am in the lift. Understand."

"Yes sir." There it was, Heaven's usual splash of sass changing the tone of he words, and it made him smile -only because he looked forward to punishing her for it later.

He summoned the strength to leave his kneeling beauty untouched among the flashing blue and red lights and an arsenal of weapons procured for her pleasure and pain. 


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