#RunningWilde Ch. 8 | Afflictions & Addictions


Aiden released Ava’s shuddering frame and stepped down into the large oval bathtub. Ava watched in wonder as his towering chocolate frame melted away into the abundant eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang scented bubbles, down, down until all she could see were his perfect pecs, tattooed arms and his undeniably striking face. His nudity was a lot easier to observe like this, but even though his more intimate areas were covered it didn’t take away the eroticism that Aiden exuded as effortlessly as breathing. There was something in his genetic makeup that reached out and grabbed Ava by the heart making it race and skip vital beats, leaving her in a constant state of something between light-headedness, fear and arousal. Aiden extended his illustrated arms out along the edge of the bathtub, then staring at her in his intensely dark way he licked his lips and gestured for her to follow through with his throaty orders –Take off your underwear.

Ava was gravitating between two realities; the real one where she knew that she was Aiden’s captive, and that this current intimate situation was only taking place because she had to make a choice, and she chose not to experience the brutal kind of pain that he had inflicted on her earlier that had led to her being strung up from the ceiling with tears pouring down her face and blood dripping from her sore wrists. In the other reality however, she was intoxicated to the point where her morals, dignity and inhibitions were out of sight and out of mind; she actually wanted to get in the tub with all six foot four inches of Aiden Michaels –that was the side that was winning right now. The way he made her feel in his presence was something that she had never experienced before; something she never knew was possible to feel for another person she barely knew. Aiden was her enemy, the bad guy whose only intention was to destroy her in the name of street principalities, but something intangible about him drew her in. Yes he was the most erogenous looking man she’d ever laid eyes on, but it was more than physical, so much more. There was something inside of Aiden that sparked beneath his shield of sex and cold indifference, she could see it when she looked into his daunting ebony eyes; it was dark, it was dirty, but damn if it wasn’t delicious. She knew it was bad and that it would cause the kind of irreversible damage that she would have to bear the scars for, for the rest of her life, but whatever it was, she wanted it more than she wanted peace. She wanted his arduous destruction. So she began to strip for him, because his eyes called for it the way they glinted under the dim lighting like they held unexplored galaxies inside of them, hinting that if she was ever to connect and become one with this beautiful chaos of a man that she would discover places that no one else would ever be able to take her to.

She reached behind her back and unclasped the hooks of her bra one by one while Aiden watched her in silence. Of course being a female with a lifetime of practice at removing her own bra she could have unhooked it in one go, but along with the fear of Aiden in general, there was a virginal hesitancy in her that wouldn’t allow her to rush this. She removed the padded lace away from her breasts then let it fall to the floor, letting her shy hazel eyes follow it before bringing her arms up to hide herself from him. She couldn’t look at Aiden while she was stood before him like this because she knew what she would see; that carnal energy composed of dark fire burning behind his eyes that would cause her breath to stop short and make her tummy flutter and twitch.

Ava had shied away from her sexuality for her whole life. She had always been daddy’s good girl; the polished apple of his eye whose goal in life was to make him happy and proud, especially after her mother passed away. Ava witnessed what her mother’s death did to her father; it robbed him of some of his light, it changed him. When the wounds of her loss were still fresh, Ava and Vince would spend time together remembering her mother, and then Vince would tell Ava how proud he was of her and how wonderful she was because she was the only good thing he had left in his life (now that she knew what his life was really like, Ava realised the true weight of that statement). She had wanted him to keep thinking of her that way so she kept her head in her books and her body away from boys. When she was younger it was easier to do because she didn’t find boys all that interesting, but as she matured mentally and physically, keeping the boys at bay was a conscious decision that she had to make. Once Max was appointed as he personal bodyguard Ava found that this particular task wasn’t as hard to carry out anymore because Max was always nearby watching out for her with his stern mouth and trained eyes that made most men not want to see what would happen if they did try. Ava was a beautiful girl with a mind and heart to match, and yet she’d only ever been on a handful of dates and had only had one short-lived relationship which ended shy of three months because the guy had a problem with Max guarding her so heavily and also was a little intimidated of her being as wealthy as she was. But Max wasn’t here now and Aiden definitely wasn’t intimidated by anything about her. Ava was completely outside of her comfort zone and although she was being held prisoner, for the first time in her life Ava felt free. She knew what her father really was now so she no longer felt any obligation to play daddy little princess any more, Max wasn’t around watching over her every move, which although she missed him, was a nice change, and then there was Aiden, the key to and keeper of her freedom. God she didn’t know what to make of him. He frightened and excited her with the way he handled her so mercurially. One moment it was hand cuffs and harsh words, then in that same breath he’d speak to her with a voice made for phone sex and caress her body like a long lost lover rediscovering the other half of his soul.

                “Did I tell you to stop Ava-Marie?” Aiden’s smooth voice stunned Ava back to consciousness. She had forgotten herself in her thoughts and hadn’t realised that she’d been standing there staring aimlessly at the ground. She swallowed and looked up at him to see that look that she’d been trying to avoid. His crippling eyes wrapped her up in his invasive aura, his potent eroticism seeping into her pores and stirring something under her skin that made Ava’s lower half twitch. All of this with just a look of heady admiration, all of this heaven and hell held in those damn eyes of his.

Ava shifted her footing, “No... I mean, no Sir.”

                “Then why have you?”

                She looked away from him again and her cheeks lit up with the warm rose gold colour that Aiden was steadily growing quite fond of; “Because I can’t.”

                 “It’s just a bath Ava-Marie. I’m not going to fuck you if that’s what you’re worried about,” Aiden said rolling his dark eyes as if he was already growing bored of her. Ava didn’t know why it bothered her so much, but she didn’t want Aiden to become bored with her. She liked the way he looked at her like she was this fascinating new breed of woman complied out of sex and secrets. The part of her brain with sense reasoned that maybe his boredom would be a good thing because then he might leave her alone, but the uninhibited side of her that was drawn to him didn’t want him to and was admittedly a little disappointed that he wasn’t going to fuck her.

                “I know but…” she trailed off. Suddenly she felt silly for having to admit that she was twenty-one years old and no man had ever seen her naked, let alone touched her while she was. It was her personal business which she rarely disclosed to anyone and now she was contemplating telling him.

                “But what?” he snapped impatiently.

                “I’ve never been naked in front of anyone,” she mumbled into her chest.

                Aiden blinked at her; he hadn’t realised that she would be a virgin, not looking the way that she did but he couldn’t show her sympathy now, not when he had gone this far. He had told her to make a choice between two paths and this is the one that she’d chosen, so until she was out of his custody this would be the one that they followed. “Ava-Marie, take of your panties and get in. You’re filthy,” he stopped looking at her.

Ava’s mouth pressed into a tight line. She didn’t know why, but she had hoped that he might show her a little sympathy and understanding, because lord knows how daunting it can be to reveal all of yourself to another person for the first time in your life. You really are exposed in all senses of the word, and you worry -my god do you worry -about what they might think, and what you think of yourself gets in the way too because no matter how damn near perfect you are there’s always that one flaw (or more) that bugs the hell out of you that you hope the other person doesn’t notice or mind because you don’t want the real you that you hide underneath your adornments, to put them off. Instead of making her feel like that fascinating woman made of sex and secrets, Aiden’s sharp dismissal of her shyness had managed to make Ava feel like this naïve, unimportant little girl who he was barely entertaining himself with. ‘Oh Ava-Marie, stop deluding yourself, you silly girl.  This man doesn’t care about you; you are his entertainment and you must remember that,’ she mentally scolded herself, her hurt feelings allowing her common sense to make a brief re-appearance. She placed her fingers along the edges of her lingerie with the intention of approaching her full nudity the way one would approach ripping off a band aid, but as her hands shifted the material a fraction lower, she found herself pressing the black lace edges into her skin reluctant to go through with it. Aiden’s mouth tightened and he lifted his arm into the air, gesturing at her with his middle and index fingers to approach the tub. Ava slowly stepped unsteadily towards him, this being the first time she had to move without him there to support her made her realise exactly how intoxicated she really was.

When she reached the bath Aiden finally looked at her again from under his long lashes, but even from below there was just as much of his formidable power held in his steadfast gaze. “Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear,” he growled lowly, “When I tell you to do something, you don’t get to contemplate it or make a fuss, you just do it. If you don’t comply then I will resort to methods that will make sure that you do in future. Turn around.” Ava swallowed and shook her head, so afraid of what was to come that she dared to defy him some more. Aiden’s eyes flashed dangerously and she caught a glimpse of that black flame below the inky surface starting to burn through, “Don’t fucking play with me Ava-Marie,” he warned.

She drew a breath and turned so her back was to him with only the string of her lace thong to protect her. She blushed furiously and her switched footing trying to imagine what thoughts were running through his mind as she stood with her pert round ass to him, and she wondered if they matched the red and blue ones that ran through hers. A timid whimper escaped her lips when his hand came into contact with the small of her back. She shivered as he slowly dragged his intimidating touch down her spine, down the middle of her ass cheeks and buried his hands in the tight space between her trembling legs. She puffed out a bewildered breath as Aiden hooked two of his thick fingers u and over the tiny seam where the triangle and the slim slice of her thong were connected. Ava closed her eyes and felt her face get warmer; there was no way that he couldn’t feel how wet she was, but Aiden didn’t pause or make any comment to indicate that he did, he simply got a good grip on the material and then tore it away with an animalistic force that made the lace it burst at the seams. The delicate threads frayed and snapped and the sound filled the large bathroom like a whip tearing through the thick and heavy air. Ava gasped; she was naked. Instinctively, she brought her hands around to her front, shielding her sex from him, not that he could see it from behind her, but just the thought of knowing that there was no longer a barrier to conceal her decency made her want to hide away. Ava had seen naked men from afar, not men like Aiden, but she had seen them. No one had ever seen a naked Ava. Her knees wobbled underneath her and Aiden took her hips in his large palm to hold her steady. Once she was able to maintain her own balance again he let her go. His eyes ran over the expanse of her uninterrupted skin and he ran his tongue over his lips.

“Bend over and place your hands on your knees,” he ordered her in a controlled flat tone so as not to highlight the tightening sensation in his abdominal muscles through his vocals. Ava glanced back at him with wide eyes to silently beg him to reconsider but Aiden’s eyes weren’t on her face, they were studying her smooth caramel planes, romanticising her slender curves, counting her freckles and watching the tiny ash blonde body hairs rise up as her goosebumps spread across every available surface. He looked up and glared at her, “Don’t make me tell you again Ava-Marie. You’re in enough trouble as it is.”

Ava took a short sharp breath and blocked out everything her pride was screaming at her from the other side of her dual reality. She leant forward timidly, resting her grubby hands on her knees, wincing a little as the sore skin around her wrist bunched up and pressed and stretched the circular wounds. Aiden’s hands were on her again, this time with a handful of frothy scented bubbles. He wiped the white froth across her ass, spreading it in a figure of eight motion moving from cheek to cheek with slow, sensual swirls. Ava closed her eyes and bit down on her lip, quivering with anticipation every time his thick fingers dipped low enough to brush across her swollen slit. Her breathing grew hard and sluggish and she was about to let out an embarrassed moan come tumbling out when Aiden’s huge hands disappeared them came back down on top of her ass cheek with an almighty thwack that sliced through the air and turned her moan into a scream. She stumbled forward and grabbed her bottom trying to sooth the sting of his slap, but with her wet skin and heightened senses it seemed to go on forever.

Aiden glared at her and beckoned her back to him with his two fingers again, “I’m not finished,” he panted. Ava pouted hesitant to return for more, but she knew she had no choice. Meek and whimpering she returned to him and resumed the same position, bent over, wet and trembling, waiting for another blow. Instead she got another dose of bubbles being caressed into her backside in the lulling figure of eight motion, feeling the tiny bubbles melt into water and drip down her as the heat from the mark of the previous slap powered through them. Aiden kept going, stroking her with measured breaths, up and over then down and under, slow and steady, and just when she begun to feel the pleasure begin to rebuild itself his hand disappeared and he whacked her again. Ava gritted her teeth and growled through the pain, digging her fingers into her knees and holding her ground. Aiden’s breath quickened and he hit her again, and again till finally she screamed and fell onto all-fours with soap suds, water and wetness sliding down her and rosy ass cheeks. He grunted, closed his eyes and settled back into the tub, giving them both time to catch their breaths and abate their individual throbbing. “Now get in,” he said and there was a calmness to his voice that wasn’t there before.

Aiden hadn’t touched a woman that way since Ash. He had forced himself to take it down a notch with the throwaway lovers that came after her because he knew how addictive that level of sexual interaction could be. The kind of intense submission that Aiden craved frightened most women, but that was the appeal of it; not that they feared him or because he got to hurt them, it was just that when he did, that was when their every feminine pretence fell away. In their wildest moments was when these women were most human and he loved that –causing them pain them whilst in the throes of pleasure made them real. The soft moans and the pouty painted lips were replaced with wild screams and smudged lipstick. He felt better for spanking Ava. Her moans turned to screams, turned to growls, turned to howls made his shaft pulsate under the water, and feeling how wet she was for him made him want to take back what he’d said about not fucking her. He was ready to sink into her and pound himself against her g-spot until she clawed at his back and whispered the safe word in staccato...but he had to wait until she wanted him to. He would do nothing invasive until she wanted him to –it was more fun that way.

Ava got up off of the floor and turned to face him with her hands in front of her sex and a deep blush warming her cheeks. Aiden reached out his hand and she took it, timorously stepping into the hot water and settling her back against his hard body. The hot water felt good on her flustered skin, the eucalyptus adding a surprisingly pleasurable element to the experience that made her skin tingle all over. Aiden pulled Ava’s long braids up and wound them into a high bun before he proceeded with care to cleaning the sweat, blood and dirt off of her glowing skin. He smiled behind her back; her glowing was a good sign, it meant that he could be like that with her again. He reached his hand underneath the bubbles and pulled out a sponge then started with her back, getting the sponge sopping wet before squeezing it and letting the warm water gush over her, then he took her arm and wiped gently around the cuff wound. She winced.

“How do you feel, Ava-Marie?” he asked softly, taking his time to dab away the dried blood without antagonising her skin further.

Ava watched him and shrugged, “I’m not sure.”

Aiden paused and pulled her head back so that she was forced to look at him; “Don’t be so quick to forget your manners sweetheart, I’m only going easy on you right now because I imagine that you have never done this before so it will take some getting used to, but soon enough I won’t let you off at all.”

Ava tightened her lips and sneered, “I’m not sure, sir!”

Aiden glared at her; this kind of defiance made him want to grab a handful of her hair and slam all of himself into that tight wet space at the meeting of her thighs, but he had to control himself –Ava was increasingly making that harder to do. He hadn’t expected her to have such a tumultuous effect on him, but she was so beautiful and the fact that he wasn’t meant to have her made her all the more tempting. He was guiding her right where he wanted her so he couldn’t afford to give in to temptation now otherwise he’d be passing over the control to her, and he would be damned if he let this young naïve girl get the better of him. He was the man who had tamed Ash ‘The Siren’, better yet the man whose name put fear into thieves and murderers all over South London, so Ava was not going to be his undoing, not if he could help it. “Your attitude will do you no favours either,” he growled making it rumble in his chest and send small vibrational waves across the water. “We’re having a conversation, I’m being nice. Don’t ruin it.” Ava swallowed and looked down. “So, why aren’t you sure if you’re okay?” he asked releasing her head and continuing his cleansing of her.

“Because everything is wrong,” she half sulked, “Because I feel like I’m in hell but I’m not sure if I hate it. Because what I thought knew of my heaven is ruined to the point where I don’t know which is worse, sir.”

He offered her a silver-lining, “At least hell is honest.”

“It is,” she nodded, “But hell is also terrifying. You are terrifying, sir.”

Aiden dipped the sponge back into the water and began rubbing slow soapy circles across her shoulders, watching as the lather cascaded down and around the curves of her pert breasts. Ava sucked in a breath. “Are you saying that I am hell, Ava-Marie?” he smirked.

“You’re something like it.”

Aiden let go of the sponge and used both his hands to circulate the thick white lather over her chest. Ava’s breath caught in her throat and she shifted against him growing more and more aware of his length pressing into her back. Aiden leant forward and kissed the space below her ear. His voice was low and raspy, “You don’t know hell Ava-Marie. If anything this is limbo; that place in between, simply because I have shown you mercy. I gave you a choice.” His hands slipped lower beneath the water and grazed the outskirts of her sex. Ava shuddered and fell back against him, slipping lower to try and get him to touch her there, but he wouldn’t. “What is happening to my brother is not happening to you. I gave you a choice,” he repeated, gripping the inside of her thighs right at the crevice and pulling her up into his lap, “You should be thanking me for this so-called hell.” Ava squeaked feeling his fullness lying directly under her opening and high curiosity persuaded her to try and tilt her pelvis so that she could feel more of it. Aiden held her still. He lifted himself against her discreetly and curled his hips once.

Ava’s breaths we’re ragged and Aiden could tell that he had her close to losing herself. The mixture of the wine, the weed, the pain and the forbidden pleasure was something she wasn’t used to and it made her responses unhinged and her body ache. Even as she tried to fight him mentally, reminding herself that Aiden was the enemy, her body was succumbing to him willingly; it didn’t matter that her head didn’t understand what was happening, her body did and it liked the way he made it feel so much that it was persuading her thoughts to come around. Aiden shifted down so that his member had enough space to spring up and then he came back up and let it rest against her slit. Ava gripped the sides of the bath and groaned, fighting against Aiden hold to press against him a little more, but Aiden wouldn’t let up. He grabbed her by the hair and put his lips to her skin, pressing amatorial kisses along her shoulder blade

“I haven’t heard you thank me yet?” he groaned giving her a little more.

Ava whimpered “Thank you…”

Aiden bit down on her shoulder and she cried out and gripped the edge of the tub harder. “Manners, Ava-Marie,” he reprimanded her.

“Thank you, sir.”

A slow satisfied grin spread across his sinful lips and he kissed her where his teeth marks lay.


Vince stormed into the compound and headed downstairs into the basement without a word to any of his men. He punched in the security code and unlocked the door to the room where Keegan Michaels was shivering on the floor still covered in his own blood, his wounds seeping with infections and he smelt of urine. They hadn’t fed him or taken him to the bathroom since his arrival and the nineteen year old was quickly falling into a destitute state. 

Vince glared at him with hate in his eyes; this little punk started this shit. If it wasn’t for Keegan then Ava would be safe because Vince wouldn’t have had a reason to mess with the Diamond Mafia in the first place and this bastard’s cunt of a brother wouldn’t be doing things to his little girl that made Vince bite down on his lips so hard that it drew blood just to keep from crying. He had to get Ava back and he wished it was as simple as simply handing the boy back to the Diamond Mafia, but the overall risk was too great. He couldn’t’ have people saying that some young thug on the come up muscled The Syndicate out of £20 million after his brother stole £10 million of their gear in the first place. Vince had no choice but to make an example of them because once he got Ava back there could be more rookies trying to use her for bait to take him down now that they knew she existed. Ava would never be safe again so Vince had to make sure that people didn’t want to fuck with her, period. Once she was returned to him he’d send her far, far away, change her name, double…no, triple her security and he would keep his distance. It would be hard but Ava was the only good thing Vince had in his life, plus even if he got her back she’d probably never want to speak to him again now that she knew who he really was and what he’d done to her mother.

Fuck Aiden Michaels!

Vince reared back and stomped down on Keegan’s wrist that was still tethered to the iron pipe along the wall. A terrible crunching sound came from under his shoe and Keegan woke up howling. “You did this you little prick! You got my Ava taken away from me!” He kicked Keegan in his already bruised ribs, “Your fucking brother put his hands on her; he touched my little girl.” Vince got to his knees not caring that he was kneeling in the bloody, urine soaked mattress and grabbed Keegan by the collar of his grubby shirt, his icy blue eyes blazing and his usually neat chestnut brown hair unruly and flopping over onto his forehead, “This is your fault and I am going to make sure I get the lot of you fuckers, starting with you.” He drew back his fist punched Keegan in-between his eyes. He punched him again, and again, and again.

Keegan howled through his distorted mouth, his once handsome face now in complete tatters, so destroyed that even if it did heal he would be deformed. He was too weak to try and firm Vince’s murderous blows and in no position to escape from them, everything was just pain and more pain like his body has been thrown into a pit and large rocks were being launched at him, bruising his flesh, breaking his bones and then in the end his tormentors set him on fire and all he could see was the light of the flames burning brighter and brighter until they consumed him whole...

Vince kept on going, even when Keegan stopped howling he kept going. Even when his fists became sticky with blood, he kept going. And when Keegan stopped moving, he kept going. Even when Keegan took his last breath and his soul vanished from his eyes, Vince was so enraged that he just kept on going, and going, and going...

When he finally stopped and realised what he’d done, his suit was spattered with bright droplets of warm red liquid that smelt like sweat and rust and it was far too late. K Dot of the Diamond Mafia lay dead at his feet dead. Aiden could not find out, not until Ava was safe.