#RunningWilde Ch. 11 | Hearts on The Frontline

Aiden held fast to Ash’s throat and stared into the darkness between her scarlet lips in anticipation of the myriad of sounds that would escape them at his will. He wanted to hear her, this freckled nymph-like creature that looked like art, which he could turn into a masterpiece; he wanted to orchestrate her vocal chords into a melodic symphony of sighs, whimpers, moans, and screams until she could no longer make another beautiful sound.

He backed her up against the charcoal grey wall of the meeting room, and with burning eyes he leant in closer, “Are you sure that this is what you want?” he whispered.

Ash squirmed against him, the familiar firmness of his powerful physique brushing against her body made her heart race and her nipples hard. The tattoo adorned chocolate Adonis that was Aiden Michaels, always possessed the power to make her lose herself, with even the slightest contact. Every touch, no matter how insignificant, triggered her memories of the countless mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights that he would take her at whim, wherever they were, whenever he wanted to –and back then, Aiden always wanted to. He was exceptional; the kind of lover that could erase every other man before him, with a kiss made to sever soul ties and a stroke deep enough to bury the remains. After being with Aiden no one else mattered. Aiden made you feel things you never thought you could, and do thing you never thought you would -and you would love every immoral, dizzying, filthy, liberating minute of it.

“Yes,” she breathed.

Aiden pressed his body onto her and grazed his full lips over her parted, painted ones; “We’ll see.” His kiss collided with Ash’s mouth, hard, heavy and unapologetic, crashing through the ache that had filled the space between them for so long. Aiden could taste his carnal salvation on her red, red lips and it was just as maddening as he remembered, like strawberries, sex and sin. His other hand reached into her hair, grabbing a handful of her fiery curls to hold her in place as he slaked his desire.

Ash moaned, savouring the throes of his forcefulness and the dark passion that bled from him into her like a poison that walked hand in hand with its own cure. She wrapped her arms around Aiden’s broad back, holding onto him and whimpering for him like she did when she was his good girl, and then she smiled and bit down on his lip, like a bad one.

Aiden tore his mouth from between her teeth. “Behave yourself,” he growled, tugging harder on her hair.

“Make me.”

Aiden’s eyes flashed and he dragged her from the wall to the table, flinging her lithe frame across it and bending her at the waist. He placed his large hand onto the back of her head and pressed it into the surface, and then with the other hand he unbuckled his thick leather belt. “Make me, who?” He tore the belt from around his hips so fast that it made a whipping sound as it came free. Ash fell silent but Aiden wasn’t having that. She had gone this far to prod him and provoke the beast within him, even when he asked her not to, so now she had to face the consequences –she had made herself into a shot of the finest cognac, then paraded herself in front of a recovering alcoholic with no witnesses around to deter him from drinking every last drop. Aiden leant over her and pressed his throbbing hardness against her backside, watching her breath escape her, feeling her slender frame tremble beneath him. He slammed the belt down on the table next to her head so she could see and hear the full force of the way the folded leather slapped together sharply, cutting the air in two.

Ash closed her eyes and bit down on her lip, then tilting her ass up into him she moaned, “Make me, Sir. Please.”

“That’s better.” Aiden closed his eyes and buried his face in the sweeping curve of her swanlike neck, inhaling her soft lavender scent to calm himself down before he went any further. “Good girl,” he purred.

Ash smiled and reached for his hand. The soft pads of her fingertips danced tentatively over his clenched fist that was closed tightly around his belt buckle, rising and falling over each taut knuckle. Aiden closed his eyes and let her touch him; she missed him terribly, he could feel it in the way she indulgently re-familiarised herself with every available inch of him that she could reach.

He sighed and grabbed her face, twisting it so she was forced to look at him. “Do you remember the safe word?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied tenderly, still caressing his clenched hand.

“What is it?”

“Midnight,” she whispered, as if it were a dirty word that had no place where she and Aiden were concerned.

Aiden moved it out of her reach. “If you need to use it_”

“I won’t.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” He dragged the belt up Ash’s pale, freckled arm, towards her torso. “It’s been a long time, Ashleigh,” his touch rose and fell as he traced the curves of her breasts, her ribs, her waist, her hips and then underneath her, cupping her warm sex with fingers and leather, “Too fucking long.” He kissed her on the mouth again, gently this time, catching her lips between his and sucking on them softly each time he pulled away. “Open your legs for me, baby,” he growled sending shivers up her spine. Ash parted her legs for him, grinding back and forth in-between his thick leather laced fingers and his swollen shaft that was still safely encased in his trousers. Aiden’s kiss became more fervent, and it lingered longer, stealing her breath and smearing her lipstick. “Go faster, baby,” he groaned into her mouth. Ash sped up, curling her waist to increase the euphoric friction between his hand and his dick. Aiden pressed harder into her, his girth threatening to burst through the confinement of their clothes and plunge deep inside her, like she wanted.

He cursed and knotted his fingers back in her hair before straightening up and pulling the hand she’d been rocking against so fervently, from under her, gripping his belt with renewed determination. The red tendrils of her hair curled around his knuckles, glinting with gold and auburn undertones as her body undulated under the soft glare of the Diamond Mafia meeting room spotlights. Aiden raised his hand and the belt sliced through the air and down onto her gyrating ass.

Ash gasped and froze; feeling Aiden’s unchained force after so long was a welcome shock to her system. She’d had other lovers that spanked her occasionally, but they always held back a little, afraid of being too aggressive in case they really hurt her, but Aiden didn’t have that issue, and it both excited and frightened her.

He yanked her face back to meet his by hair, “Did I tell you to stop?” The belt came down again. Ash’s spine jerked and curled to absorb the shock.

“No sir.”

“Then don’t stop.”

Ash squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her jaw, “Okay, Sir.”

She began to move again as fast as she could to avoid another strike. The table rocked and creaked in time with her as she moved ferociously over Aiden’s member. Her breaths came harder as the pressure in her lower region intensified. She was nearing her climax already, even though Aiden hadn’t really done anything to her yet. Truth be told, Aiden never had to do much to make Ash cum, because to her, Aiden felt right even when the things he did to her would have other people deeming them wrong.  He wasn’t ready for her to cum yet.

“Stop,” he commanded. Ash stilled immediately. She blew out a breath and tried not to let her frustration show. She hated when he teased her like that, getting her so close to the feeling of sexual free falling then being told she had to wait right before she jumped -Aiden knew this. He smirked and carefully laid his belt horizontally on the table in front of her face, silently telling her that she would be spared for the moment. He kissed her behind her ear; “Put your hands flat on the desk and do not move them.” Ash did as she was told. Aiden slipped his hands under her front again and undid her jeans, only pulling them down to her knees so that her movements were restricted. He noted that she still didn’t wear underwear, a habit she had picked up with him after learning that he would tear apart any and every Secret that Victoria had, to get Ash to open up and confess her longing for him.

She stretched out before him, swaying her ass and susurrating, “Are you going to fuck me now, Sir?”

Aiden cocked his head to the side, “Who said I was going to fuck you, Ashleigh?”

She stopped swaying and looked back at him, “We had a deal.”

He jerked her head back to its original position, “The deal was for me to do what I was doing to Ava-Marie, to you,” he said matter-of-factly, reaching for the belt again. Aiden pushed up the back of her shirt and trailed wet kisses down her spine as he spoke, “You said that in order for things not to get out of control, that I am to use you instead, and despite what your jealous mind may think,” he reached the top of her ass and bit into it, hard, making her jerk for him, “I’m not fucking Ava-Marie. Ava-Marie is my prisoner.” Aiden straightened up and folded the belt in half, grinning at the sight of her bare ass with red circle of teeth marks imprinted in one cheek. Ash jumped as the cool leather of his belt lightly hit the top of her back where Aiden had first started kissing, squirming as he dragged it down the path his lips had marked out on her bare skin. “I’m torturing her.” The belt came down across both cheeks with the same force he’d used when Ash’s clothing was there to protect her from the full sting of it. A thick red line came up instantly, its perfect outline highlighted by the stark alabaster tone of her skin.

Ash’s mouth opened but no sound came out. Her knees gave way beneath her and she was forced to put all of her weight on the desk. Aiden went in again, underhanded this time, leaving a red strip that shot up near the ending of her thigh. Ash gripped the table.

“This isn’t what I wanted,” she squeaked.

“Say the word and I’ll stop,” he said coldly.

“Please Sir, can’t you just_”

“No,” he snarled knowing that she was going to ask him for the one thing he refused to grant her; the endlessly insatiable heaven on the cusp of hell kind of love that made him weak for her. He repeated the underhand action on her other cheek. “I warned you to leave me be,” he struck again, “But you wouldn’t listen. You kept pushing,” he went over hand and diagonal, “And pushing,” diagonal again, “And pushing.”

Ash swung her hands behind her back to block the blows. “Aiden, please!”

“Say the word, Ashleigh!”


“Say it!” He swiped the crack of her ass from top to bottom.

“Midnight,” she sobbed, “Midnight.”

Panting with beads of sweat glistening on his forehead, Aiden dropped the belt. It clattered to the ground marking the end of the short-lived interaction. Aiden yanked up her jeans then stepped back against the wall with his lips pressed together in a hard line, glaring at her.

Trembling and completely dishevelled, with knotted hair, mascara running down her face, and her once perfectly painted lips now violently smudged and swollen from his amorous kissing, Ash righted herself and turned to look at Aiden. “What the fuck, Aiden? What the hell is wrong with you?”

Aiden narrowed his eyes at her, “Nothing. I am exactly as I am, exactly as I have always been.”

Ash shook her head, “This is not who you were with me.”

“I gave you what you asked for, Ashleigh. I told you I would hurt you.”

“But not like that! You do not fucking treat me like that.”

 “You seem to have a lot of opinions about how I am supposed to treat you, as if I owe you something just because once upon a time we were something. We are nothing; I owe you nothing! What we had has long since been over, so whatever power you like to think you have over me does not exist.” He pushed himself off of the wall and stalked over to her, with his shoulders tense and eyes on fire making Ash shrink back under his gaze. “You will not Siren me or twist my arm to make me be with you in any way. I am not one of your conquests Ash, I am Aiden fucking Michaels, the leader of the most dangerous group of organised criminals in South London, and no matter how much you want to be, you are not my redemption, you cannot save me or placate whatever is inside of me that makes me this way, so stop trying and do your fucking job,” he boomed.

Ash looked up at him with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart; “I did not try to Siren you, Aiden” she choked.

“Yes you did,” he sneered, “You tried to manipulate me into exposing my weakness and once you thought I was vulnerable you preyed on it because you thought that what we had was passionate and exciting, and you needed it again, you need me to help you feel again because none of your other lovers can do that for you. If they could you wouldn’t bother with me.”

“That’s not true!”

“Yes it is. You’ve spent most of your life giving your body to faceless men so that they could get their rocks off, and so that you could get your own way, and it made you numb -I changed that.”

“Because I fell in love you, Aiden!” she cried thumping her fists against his chest.

“Because you fell in love with the rush! You don’t really want me Ash, you just want to feel something, but I am not an object for you to get your kicks with,” Aiden grabbed her hands, “I am a deeply disturbed man with an unhealthy way of letting out my problems. I’m not a thrill, I’m a hazard.” He pushed her away from him and returned coolly to his chair at the head of the table.

Ash quickly swiped her tears away and smoothed her hair back from her face. Closing her eyes, she breathed deep and waited for the lump in her throat to subside and the dull ache in her chest to become somewhat bearable. She swallowed, “Why do you want me to hate you so much?”

“I don’t want you to hate me, I want you to stop thinking that you love me and help me run my fucking empire.” Aiden kicked his feet up on the desk, “I’ve kept up my end of the bargain, now you keep up yours. Go and fix yourself up and when you come back I’ll tell you who you’re going to first.”

Without another word Ash stormed out of the room. Aiden released a deep breath and relaxed into the chair. It felt good to not have to tense his muscles anymore in fear of what he might do if he let go. It felt good to be back in control.

“I thought you had forgotten yourself for a minute there.” Aiden looked up to see Dougie standing at the door with a stern look on his face. He hadn’t heard him come in.

“I almost did,” he confessed to his best friend.

“I know. I’m glad you didn’t,” Dougie came and sat on the right hand side of Aiden. He clasped his hands together on top of the desk, “She can’t be here anymore.”

“She has a job to do first. We’re losing contacts to move the weight cause of this Lockewood thing.”

“And you think she’ll fuck them back on side?” Dougie guessed.

“I know she will. She almost got to me, she can get to them.”

“I suppose, but are you sure you want to risk it?”

“Risk it? Dougie, it’s Ash, I can handle her.”

“She’s going to leave,” he replied pragmatically.

“No she won’t.”

“You didn’t see the look on her face. You’ve pissed her off.”

Aiden shrugged, “Okay, well even if she does, she’ll come back.”

Dougie clenched his jaw and reached into his jacket, pulling his gun from his holster. He placed it on the table and looked at Aiden steadily, “If she does, she’ll be dead.”

Aiden frowned at Dougie and grabbed the gun from off of the table out of his reach, “You will not kill her.”

Dougie pulled out a second gun but said nothing.

“Dougie, you will not, under any circumstance, kill Ash, is that clear?”

 Dougie pulled out a third gun, “We’ll see how you feel once she fucks us over.”