#RunningWilde Ch. 6 | The Shattering


Aiden dug into his brief case and removed four white circular pads with wires attached to them that were connected to a small black box with a row of small led lights lining the side of it and a switch on the top. He gathered the equipment in his arm, then extracted a wireless Bluetooth headset from his back pocket and slotted it into his ear.

“Hello?” Aiden smiled sinisterly at the sound of Vince Lockewood’s curious voice, but didn’t reply to him. Instead he spoke to Ava in his low velvet tone, his deep brown eyes wandering over her indulgent, agile curves.

“I’m going to place each of these monitors on your beautiful body, Ava-Marie,” he drew her name out clearly and concisely to make sure that Vince knew that he was about to touch his daughter.


Aiden ignored him and stepped closer to Ava. She stiffened as he knelt before her and put the small black box down carefully in the space between her bare feet that teetered unsteadily on the cool concrete floor due to the upward tug of the chains and handcuffs. Aiden’s knuckles lightly brushed against her instep and she released a shudder. His dark eyes flitted upwards to look inquisitively at her, “Are you ticklish Ava-Marie, or did I misread that reaction?”

Ava tightened her jaw and looked ahead; to look down at Aiden staring up at her whilst on his knees in front of her as she stood before him in nothing but a bra, a thong and an open satin dress robe would only bring the tell-tell redness of her unwanted blush to her cheeks. “You misread it;” she replied tightly, “That reaction was me recoiling from your touch, you bastard.”

Aiden narrowed his eyes at her, “What would you father think if he heard his little princess using such unbecoming language,” he jested sadistically as Vince continued to rant in his ear.

                Ava looked down at him quickly, “He would be proud.” She returned her head to its previous position before Aiden’s unabashed desirability could affect her.

                “And how would he feel about you lying?” he smirked.

                “What am I lying about now?” she sighed. She had accepted that until Aiden connected the lie detector to her that he would not believe a word of what she was saying.

                Aiden wrapped his fingers around her ankle roughly, causing her body to sway a little from the upward tug of her restraints. Ava shrieked and tried to right herself. It wasn’t like she could fall over being strung up like this, but being steady was the only control that she had left over herself in this current situation; Aiden had forced her to submit everything else. He waited with amused patience, allowing Ava to regain some control over herself before he saw fit to take it from her again. He loosened his grip and begun to let his hand slide arduously up the inside of her smooth cinnamon leg, his velvety grip on her expanding as his fingers caressed the widening curve of her calf, contracting when it got to her knee then broadening once more as it ascended up her inner thigh. Ava writhed and whimpered as his refined touch neared the delicate apex where her thighs met. She attempted to raise her other leg to kick him away but the uncalculated manoeuvre threw her balance off completely and her foot slipped from beneath her, which was rewarded by a painful strain on her arms as her wrists were forced to bear the full weight of her body and by the same token, sped up the process of what she has been trying to impede –her sex pressed against Aiden’s thick fingers. She shrieked and thrashed about even more, but the restriction of her movements only made things worse as her softness grinded back and forth against the solidness of the side of his hand. Aiden did nothing to sojourn her actions; he hadn’t budged an inch and actually had no intention of touching her there…yet. He figured she’d either realise that in order to stop her core being touched that she’d have to stop fussing and stand up straight again, or she’d eventually begin to enjoy it and keep going, which would certainly be something for Vince to hear –he thought to himself with a exulting smile.

“AVA!” Vince called in vain. He knew that she couldn’t hear him, but it was all he could do. That was his daughter screaming at the top of her lungs and he had no way to help her. His men were already looking for where the Diamond Mafia was keeping her and so far had come up empty-handed, so until they rescued her, all he could do was pray, yell, and wait. “What are you doing to her Michaels?”

Aiden snickered and continued to wait to see what Ava would do. Eventually she planted one foot on the ground and hopped back into position with her braids falling in her face, flushed skin and heavy panting, which he couldn’t discern if it was down to exertion or sexual provocation. “Are you quite finished?” he asked as his hand slipped back into place near the upper inside part of her thigh.

“You’re sick!” she snarled trying to regulate her breathing again.

“I didn’t do anything,” he said in an unfazed tone, “In case the obvious surpassed you, Ava-Marie, I didn’t move a muscle; that was you doing all the work. I was simply trying to do this…” With his cavernous, sable eyes still staring up at her, Aiden lifted the first monitor pad to his lips and licked the back of it with an allusive slowness that made Ava’s breath get trapped in her lungs, then carefully pressed it to the main arterythat resided in the fold between her thigh and her sex. He noticed how much warmer she had become between her legs since colliding with his hand over and over, and let his hand linger there a little while longer -Ava cleared her throat and looked forward again. “And as for the lying,” Aiden continued, getting to his feet, “I’m sure Daddy dearest would hate to know that a part of you enjoys it when I touch you. He’d hate it more than you wish that you did, Ava-Marie.” His eyes darkened further as he lifted another pad to his mouth and swept his tongue over it right in front of her face, then stuck it to the inside of her wrist, then another to her chest. He held the final pad between his fingers “You like it when I touch you, don’t you?” he susurrated, pushing her hair out of her face with his free hand.

Ava turned her head away from him. “No,” she growled through clenched teeth as her tell-tell blush deepened from embarrassment. She didn’t like it when Aiden touched her, it made her skin crawl, but she couldn’t deny that there were also butterflies whenever he did. He frightened her, but it wasn’t only in the bad way that it should have been; there was excitement in the fear because of his physical appearance, and the erotically charged way that he handled her. Aiden spoke to her with the enticing voice of a forbidden lover, and whenever they came into contact, even if it was to adjust restraints that he had ordered to be put on her, or to stick monitor tabs on her bare skin, he touched her like a forbidden lover would – evanescently, and then with everything he possessed, all at once. His whole demeanour was beguiling, and looking the way he did made ignoring his warped seduction even harder. He looked like a beautiful disaster waiting to happen, and Ava was afraid that he would happen to her. A part of her wished that he would be crueller in his method, not because she wanted to be in more danger than she already was, but because it would drive the unsolicited feelings (that made her lower muscles tighten) away so she could hate him properly.

Aiden slipped his hand under the flowing black sheet of satin that fell against Ava’s sun kissed brown skin, and wrapped it around her waist. He didn’t press his body against her this time; he left a miniscule gap between them that the slightest movement could close it. He dipped his head to her ear, “No?” he asked, still unconvinced that she didn’t enjoy the rush of their skin to skin contact, “Not even now?”

“Not even now,” she breathed stubbornly. God, why did he have to be so intense? This is not the way kidnappers were supposed to be; they weren’t meant to feel like they were seducing you.

“Hmm,” he began to run his fingers up and down the line of her spine, still refusing to close the gap between them, “You see, in regards to your adamance about not knowing what your father is really up to, I have a slight inclination to believe you, but with this…” he let his lips graze her earlobe before pushing one of his legs between hers, parting them and letting the heel of his boot rest on the switch on top of the small black box, “…I’m not so sure I do.”

Ava pursed her lips to stifle a sharp intake of breath as the smooth satin triangle of her thong slid gratifyingly against the slick black leather of his trousers, troubling her roused sex. “I don’t care what you believe.”

“Oh but you should Ava-Marie,” he yanked her to him, sliding her kitty further up against his powerfully built, leather clad thigh so that their bodies met at the pelvis, and pressed his full lips to the hollow behind her ear. Ava gasped, trying the feign outrage as Aiden’s warm tongue licked sensuously at her flaming flesh, creating a circle of moisture as he twirled it around. He felt her heart rate start climbing, throbbing wildly against his wild mouth, so he pressed the last pad to her skin, dropped his heel on the switch and pulled away, leaving her hanging and undeniably horny. “Because my belief in the things you and your father tell me is the only thing keeping you alive.” He took five paces back, “Let’s begin. What is your name?”

“What?” Ava puffed, “My name…you know my name.” The problem was that she had been so taken with his seduction that she had temporarily forgotten it herself.

“This is a basic tester question. Tell me your name.”

“Ava-Marie Lockewood,” she remembered.

“The light is green, you’re telling the truth. Good girl. Next question, do you like it when I touch you Ava-Marie?”

“No!” she answered brusquely.

Aiden’s lip quirked upward on one side and he took a step forward, “The lie detector says that’s a lie.”

“It’s not a lie!” Aiden took another step forward. “What are you doing?”

“It said you lied again,” he explained.

“But you said I had five chances; you’ve only asked me two questions and one of them was a tester!”

“I said you had five chances to tell me the truth. You’ve lied two times, so I’ve taken two steps forward. You should be more careful about the words that come out of your pretty mouth. Next question, have you heard of me or the Diamond Mafia before today?”

Ava paused; she had sort of meant it when she said that she didn’t like it when Aiden touched her, but this machine translated her confusion as a lie. What if it was unreliable and made her answers come out as lies, or what if Aiden had rigged it?

“Ava-Marie, I’m not a patient man. Answer me; have you heard of me or the Diamond Mafia before today?”


“The machine says you are telling the truth.”

Ava exhaled gratefully. The machine wasn’t unreliable or rigged.

“Of course she’s telling the truth you idiot! She doesn’t know anything,” Vince’s voice snarled venomously in Aiden’s ear. He had fallen silent when his daughter’s breathing had gotten heavy with lust and he’d wanted to hang up so badly because of course no father wants to hear his daughter react like that to another person, but he had to know what else Aiden had in store for her so he closed his eyes, bit down on his fist, and endured it.

Aiden ignored Vince and moved onto his next question. “Did you know that your father kidnapped my brother before I told you?”

“My father didn’t kidnap_”

“ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!” Aiden yelled. He was not about to stand through another irritating session of ‘my father, the saint’, he just wanted to hear the truth.

“No,” Ava whispered feeling her hatred for Aiden rising again. She was upset that he yelled at her, but it was better this way. At least when he was behaving like this she felt the right kind of fear. Maybe if he asked her if she liked him touching her now, she could say no and really mean it.

“You’re telling the truth,” he confirmed in a calmer tone. “Okay, did you know that you father is the head of one of the biggest international drug cartels in the world, called The Syndicate?”


“You little bastard,” Vince hissed.

“Answer me please, Ava-Marie.”


“Humph,” Aiden mused “You are telling the truth.” He thought for sure she’d been lying about that at least, but it was now apparent that Vince had well and truly kept her in the dark about all of his dirty dealings. “Your father has kept a lot of things from you Ava-Marie, with good reason; I mean the man’s a monster. I bet if you knew the person he really was you would despise him. That’s probably why he’s been lying to you for all these years.”

“My father is not a monster,” Ava hissed defensively, “YOU are a monster Aiden Michaels and this game of yours proves nothing, only that I never lied to you. Who’s to say that you’re not lying to me, Aiden? Where’s your test?”

Aiden cocked his head to the side and ran his tongue over his pearly white teeth, “You want to test me Ava-Marie?” he asked suggestively.

Ava jutted her chin out, refusing to be swayed by his sexuality this time; “I want you to prove these wild accusations against my father. This whole situation is fucked up but there would be some comfort in knowing that it’s not all in vain.”

“As you wish.” Aiden pulled his shirt over his head and threw it across the room, unveiling his sculpted chocolate chest -Ava looked away. He took the last three steps in her direction and reached down between their bodies. His rippling arm tickled her stomach while the tips of his fingers brushed against her skin; feeling around for the monitor tab placed at the meeting of her thigh and her pussy. He peeled it back carefully.

Ava’s face contorted with mild discomfort as the tug of the tab stung the sensitive skin underneath it, but the fact that Aiden was removing it as he watched her, topless with his hooded liquid eyes, translated some of the pain into something else -something she wasn’t proud of. No man had ever touched her there, she’d never allowed it, and now this tall, dark and dangerous man was doing it in ways that she considered too kinky for someone as prudish as she was, and yet she found that it drove her crazy and was afraid that if he continued to handle her in this fashion that eventually her barrier would dissolve and reveal just how much she enjoyed this extremely guilty pleasure.

Aiden brought the back of the tab to Ava’s mouth and growled, “Lick it.”


He raised an eyebrow at her defiance, “I said that if by the end of my questions you hadn’t used up your chances to tell the truth, that I would reward you with a gift. My gift for your honesty is my honesty in return, but the only way you will get my honesty is by doing as you are told.”

“Lick it yourself!” she snapped.

Aiden regarded the space between her legs intently, making sure that she could see where his gaze fell before his eyes returned to hers and he replied in a voice dripping with sin, “I intend to.”

Ava gulped.

“Open your mouth for me Ava-Marie,” he stepped closer, leaving the minuscule gap between them that quickly filled with their igneous body heat. Aiden tilted his pelvis towards her so that their centres grazed each other’s, making Ava gasp louder than before. “Well that’s a start,” Aiden chuckled, “Now stick out your tongue.”

Ava snapped her mouth shut again “No!” she shrieked. He tilted his pelvis a little more then wrapped his free arm around her so that their sexes did a little more than graze. Satin crushed to leather again, searing, throbbing and dishonourably tempting. “Stop it,” Ava rasped guiltily, dropping her head to veil the colour that this new sensation brought to her cheeks. This was wrong; she was handcuffed to the ceiling in next to nothing with a devastatingly handsome bad boy softly churning his growing erection into her, whilst making debasing demands of her, and promising a reward if she obeyed. When he had told her that he would torture her, she expected to be starved and beaten like she’d see in the movies, but she could see now that Aiden’s torture was more calculated and cunning than that. The real torture was trying to decide whether to do what was right, or to do what felt right, and the way he was slowly working her over was messing with her head, making her lean towards the wrong option. He didn’t force himself on her, he simply offered her lingering samples of the dark side and let her decide if she liked the taste of sin before he offered her more, and she dammit she wanted more.

“Do you really want me to stop?” he asked throatily, running his fingers up and down her spine again.

“Yes,” she whispered. The dots on the small black box flashed red.

“You’re lying to me.” He slid his arms down until he reached the back of her thigh and hooked it onto his hip. She was forced to wrap the other leg around him to stop the cuffs from taking her full weight and cutting into her wrists. Aiden bit down on his lips and held her close, churning a little harder into her middle. She quivered. “Tongue. Now.” Ava couldn’t fight him anymore, with his powerful body pressed up against her and his articulate erection sinking further into her softness, it was impossible to say no. She surrendered; she reopened her mouth and stuck her tongue out for him. Aiden placed the tab in the centre of it, rested his index finger on top it and pushed it back and forth against the length of her wet tongue purring, “Good girl.” Ava whimpered as the sensation of the gentle oral thrusting of his finger pushing the tab in and out of her mouth, and the teasing gyrations of his cock bridled by leather, made her sex begin to leak through the satin triangle of her thong.

Aiden gave her a rewarding smile, removed the tab from her mouth and stuck it to the left side of his chest. He unravelled her from around his hips, setting her back on solid ground to stand on her trembling legs, before taking the rest of the tabs off of her skin. “Now I am the only one with the lie detector on me.” He bent down and picked the small black box up from the space between her legs, holding up the side with the lights on it so that she could see; “Now it is my turn to tell you the truth.” He removed his wireless Bluetooth headset and pressed his finger to his lips, signalling to her to be quiet before he slotted it into place on her ear.

Vince had heard her whimpering again and was back to quietly biting his fist but Aiden knew that what he had to say next would get him talking again. “Your father is the head of the international drug cartel, The Syndicate.”

Ava saw the light flash green.

“He kidnapped my brother and had him brutally tortured because my brother stole ten million pounds worth of cocaine from him.”

The light flashed green again.

“And your mother never committed suicide Ava-Marie. Your father had her killed.”

The light flashed green. Ava furrowed her brow and shook her head; that had to be a lie.

She was about to defend her father again and claim that there was fault with the machine when Vince perked up in her ear, confirming what Aiden had said; “How the fuck did you know that? Who told you that Michaels? I swear to God when I get my hands on you I’m going to slit your throat and watch you choke to death on your own blood while your fucking brother watches, and then I’m going to kill him too, and then you can both join my whore of a wife in hell!”

For a moment Ava couldn’t say anything. She was forced to stand there with this headset loge in her ear listening to her father say these terrible things, confirming the kind of person Aiden accused him of being. “Dad?” she choked. It was suddenly hard for her to breathe, and her hazel eyes began to burn as the weight of the perfect that world her father had carefully crafted for her all these years began to crash and burns around her all at once.

Vince gasped; “Ava? Ava honey, can you hear me?” His voice seemed so normal and sweet, yet filled with worry for his little girl; that was the kind of man she knew her father to be; protective, thoughtful and loving, but now she knew better and listening to him fall back into the role of the doting father just didn’t fit him anymore. “Honey, are you okay? I promise I’m going to get you out of there as soon as I can, okay? Don’t listen to any of his lies baby; he just wants to hurt you_”

“It’s too late. I heard you Dad.”

Aiden signalled to Dougie to disconnect the call and the line went dead. Ava found that she could no longer stand up. The ruins of her perfect world had collapsed on top of her and were crushing her from the inside out. The cuffs cut into her wrists breaking the surface of her skin and a thin red line appeared dotted with blood, but she didn’t care. She hung there and cried.

Aiden walked out and left her.

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