#RunningWilde Ch. 25 | The Beautiful Damned


Savage and an angel

We call out in tantrum

I got a grip on your throat

We would ride in tandem

And I think she bankrupt

Breathe, breathe, fast




Aiden bit down on his back teeth. She'd asked him, so he had to oblige her now. After all, it would be unfair of him to deny such a polite request.

"Close your eyes."

Ava's world became seamless darkness. She could smell the salty sweetness of the air; a mixture of skin, sweat, polished wood, Aiden's Molten Brown shower gel and her arousal. The wind whooshed around the house, as strong as her breathing, and the floorboards creaked as Aiden came closer. She sat stock still; her heart hammering away in her chest, palms sweating and butterflies running wild in her stomach, waiting to feel what he would do next. She felt the rough pad of his thumb brush against her mouth as he cupped her chin with the inside of his index finger.

"I touched myself yesterday," he said plainly, gently pulling down on her lower lip. "The thought of being inside of you was too much. I wanted you so badly."

Ava sucked in a surprised breath at his confession. What a thing to admit to, and the way he'd said it as if it was nothing, no trace of embarrassment, well...it was kind of hot.

He lifted his hand from her mouth, then without making contact with her skin, he made a slow sweeping motion along the line of her cheek to her jaw. It didn't lessen his effect on her; Ava felt the static crackling in the minuscule space between them. "How does it make you feel..." he curled his hand and skimmed his knuckles lightly across her blush coloured lips, pressing against them and parting them slightly, "knowing that you turn me on so much that I had to leave the room to keep my promise...to keep from touching you?"

Ava breathed across the back of his hand and clutched at the duvet. "I don't know," she answered too quickly.

"Oh, I think you do." He placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her back down onto the mattress. "Tell me how it makes you feel to know that I imagined you were there with me while I was doing it." He lowered himself onto his knees before her and spread her legs wider, making the shirt ride up over her thighs. The wet patch in the middle of her lace underwear glistened like raindrops caught on a web. He pressed his mouth to her knee. "That the mere thought of sliding myself in right here," he walked his fingers up the inside of her thigh and hooked his index under the wet fabric, lifting it from her sticky flesh enough to run his single knuckle slowly up and down her warm, swollen slit, "Made me cum harder than I have when pleasuring myself before." She whimpered and jerked, raising her thighs from the mattress as the sensation of Aiden deliberately touching her caused a new stream of fluid to flow from her.

Ava gathered larger fistfuls of bedsheets as she moaned and arched her back. She didn't want to tell him what his confessions were doing to her, she was sure he could feel it -she certainly could. It was like every time he did something right, her body would bow and this dam inside of her would open and reward him with her honey.

Aiden bit his lip and groaned, enjoying how easily she melted for him, how she had coated his finger in gratuitous amounts of her nectar. He increased the pressure but kept his speed the same, each textured stroke as slow and smooth as the last and kissed the inside of her knee. "Tell me," he purred. She squirmed against his hand and the dam opened again.

Aiden kissed higher, then without warning, he slipped his index finger inside of her so fast that Ava's body bowed again accompanied by a strangled gasp.

Her eyes shot open and stared aimlessly at the ceiling, the white expanse of it translating prelude to the bright white light that had been on the cusp of greeting her whenever he had almost let her climax, "...God!"

"Tell me how it feels, Ava-Marie." He rotated his finger inside of her tightness, stroking each wall with slow masterful precision, making a sticky wet sound.

Ava hesitated. She knew what he was doing; he was trying to draw her out, make her admit to the things that she didn't want to admit to him or herself, that it felt like heaven and hell had finally found common ground, and that as long as they had this, they could co-exist together until the end of days. If she said it out loud she felt as if her soul, that was already so inclined to his desires, would cling to him for good, and that was exactly what he wanted. She pressed her lips together.

"Look at me," he demanded, refusing to let up. Ava raised her head and peeked at him -God he was gorgeous, especially on his knees with his alluring face between her quivering thighs. "How does it make you feel that it's only made me want you more, that even now," he pulled his index finger all the way out, giving her opening time to lock up again before he went back in with his middle finger added to the equation, stretching her a little wider, "I am fighting myself to take my time with you?" He rotated them both, drawing them in and out as he did so.

Ava's eyelids fluttered and she swooned and dropped her head back onto the mattress.

Aiden pulled out then pushed his finger back into her with the same quickness, pressing them inside of her till they reached the hilt, and held them there, "I told you to look at me," he smirked.

Ava forced herself to raise her head again, tightening her grip on the sheets, struggling to take her focus off of the pleasure enough to form a coherent sentence. "I feel...oh my...god...I feel guilty...like I should hate it," she admitted, her fractured words rushing out of her quickly while they still could.

"But you don't," Aiden stated. He kept his eyes locked on her as he kissed higher, his mouth now exactly three quarters of the way between her knee and her sex,

"No, I don't," she sighed, "But I should. It's bad."

Aiden cocked his eyebrow, "You think it's bad that I want you like this?" He twisted his wrist so that his palms faced the ceiling and curved his fingers. He pushed them in and out of her, slowly, deeply, each stroke reaching a special spot that made Ava part her thighs wider without contemplation. Every time he touched it she jerked and her moans came automatically. It was like playing with a doll with a voice feature.

She grew wetter.

He moved faster.

She moaned louder.

He thrusted harder, pumping his curved finger and hammering against her g-spot, deep enough that the base of his palm pressed up against her sex, rubbing back and forth against her hardened clitoris.

Ava arched her back and her moans blended together into one long, blissed out high note. Her mouth formed the shape of an o and her body convulsed around Aiden's magic fingers, then she saw it –the full effect of the blinding white light bursting behind her scrunched up eyelids.

Aiden pulled his hand out and crushed his wanting mouth greedily against her opening, groaning as her sweetness flowed gratuitously across his taste buds.

Ava inhaled sharply and sat up. Her brows knotted together in astonishment at the erotic sight of Aiden suckling at her with his eyes closed so his long lashes laid against this cheek bones, complemented by the guttural vibrations of the deep sounds he made. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. The sensation heightened and she could feel the white light expanding, shooting out of her pores, making her glow. She felt otherworldly, like a fantasy that had been locked away in human form, set free by this virtue defying man. "Jesus Christ, Aiden!" she squeaked, throwing her head back. Her body soon followed, free falling through space and time, writhing and jolting until she couldn't take it anymore. She planted her feet against the mattress and pushed back from him. She automatically curled into herself, panting, sweating and staring at the crumpled section of bedsheets in front of her face, focusing so avidly that she could see every fibre. In that moment, Ava realised that she'd been asleep her whole life, but she was awake now and everything looked different, everything felt different. She felt different, like the world had suddenly let her in on its best kept secret. She knew stuff now –she knew what it was truly like to be alive.

"Your first orgasm?"

Ava was brought back to the present by Aiden's warming tone. She tilted her head to look at him. He was standing now, watching her carefully with the hint of a smile playing around his lips. Even he looked different. She didn't know how to describe it properly, but it was like he had become realer. She could SEE him and he was so much more than flesh, bone and a beating heart, so much more than a man. He was God in the middle of a human experience, because only something bigger than a mere mortal could make her feel the way she felt when she climaxed like that. Aiden had made her tap into something higher, that she was certain of, and it was amazing. He was amazing.

Shakily, she rolled up onto her knees, "No, but it feels like it." She ran her hands up her arms; even the touch of her own skin felt different, like she was buzzing with the same magic. The sweet jolt of an aftershock spiked in her bones and she clutched onto herself. "It's never been like that."

"It's never been bad?" he teased.

Ava frowned and looked away. Her magic buzz quickly dissolved back into guilt. It was nice while it lasted, but she couldn't pretend that she didn't still believe that they were wrong for being together like that.

Aiden's hint of a smile faded and his jaw tightened. "It's not bad, Ava," he said in a clipped tone.

She sighed, "I may not have been with anyone but I know what's normal and what isn't, and this thing that you have with me, this twisted fetishized fantasy, it's not what normal people do."

He kissed his teeth and tugged his vest over his head then flung it on the ground, glaring at her. Ava unconsciously bit her lip at the sight of his chiselled tattooed torso. Aiden regarded her lust-driven gaze and cocked his head to the side, "Do we seem normal to you, Ava-Marie?"

Ava pulled her lip from between her teeth and shook her blue thoughts away. She jutted out her chin, "There is no 'we'. I'm not like you, Aiden. I'm normal..." Aiden's eyes flashed. He flexed his fingers and the muscles in his arms undulated menacingly. Ava pressed her thighs together and swallowed, "Or at least I was."

"You never were," he said gruffly, "I couldn't bring this out of you if it wasn't there already." He crawled up onto the bed, his black eyes locked onto her, holding her still as he advanced, warning her not to run.

She didn't move a muscle.

Aiden's bumped his nose against hers, "There is nothing normal about you, Ava-Marie." Her lips parted and his eyes fell to them, "You don't think it's twisted, you think it's exciting. You want it." His menacing hand snapped to her throat, "You hate that you want it." She gasped and tilted her head up, and their unfamiliar mouths touched. Ava whimpered as Aiden's lips brushed against her parted ones; they were damp and warm, and they smelt of her arousal. She opened her mouth a little more, catching his lower lip between hers, tasting herself. Aiden pulled back and drew himself up to his full height, towering over her, "But you can't stop yourself from wanting to venture further into the dark with me." With his other hand he unbuckled his belt and pulled it free, "It's okay to want it."

Ava closed her eyes, listening to the way the leather brushed against the denim as it snaked through the loops, and how the metal pin clinked against the buckle. The sound stopped but she didn't hear Aiden drop it. She opened her eyes and found the belt still in his hand. He released her throat. She swallowed.

Aiden lifted the belt to Ava's eye level then gripped the buckle at one end and dragged his other hand along it's length until he was holding the other end, his dark eyes focused on her face all the while, watching fear and intrigue shape her features. "Lift your head up," he grunted. Ava looked from the belt to Aiden then raised her head without quarrel. Aiden laced the thick leather strap around her throat and slipped the tail end through the buckle, pulling until Ava's mouth hung open and her breathing was reduced to a raspy whisper.

He leant down and flicked his tongue over her parted lips. Ava whined and tried to move closer but he kept her back, "Not yet." He pulled the strap tighter until her eyes widened and her air passage was closed off. Her hands came up to the strap and she tried to loosen it to no avail. Aiden tutted and shook his head, gently pushing her hands down, "Stay calm. Be patient," his eyes glittered like onyx, "Wait for it," he rumbled.

Ava waited and Aiden watched.

By and by, the lack of oxygen to her brain made his face start to blur from her vision and the world darkened around the edges until there was nothing but black and an unexpected transcendent feeling of peace.

Aiden pressed his mouth against Ava's and loosened the belt, bringing her back to full consciousness with a kiss.

Ava's heart sped up at the feel of his mouth on hers, as he kissed her with more tenderness than he'd ever shown. His lips were soft, supple, full and flawless. She sighed and stretched upwards, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down onto hers, passionately. Aiden let go of the belt and slid his arms around her waist, groaning as he felt her tongue touch his lips. He pressed into her and let his tongue meet hers. She moaned louder, gripping him tighter, wanting him -needing him, urgently.

Aiden sensed her desperation and it made his erection strain even harder against his jeans. She was so eager to feel him, almost as much as he wanted to feel her, and it made him want to take her in that instance, but she was virgin and as much as she enjoyed his talents, Aiden knew that he wasn't a man that was crafted for easy consumption. Ava would need to be eased into it.

"Lay down," he growled against her lips.

Ava whined; she wasn't ready to stop kissing him yet. She'd waited for this, imagining how amazing it would be just to meet at the mouth with him, and Aiden certainly didn't disappoint. He kissed like a love song that you had to put on repeat to truly appreciate it the way it deserved.

Aiden brought his hands up to where Ava's clasped him tightly around his neck and pulled them away, overpowering her passionate resistance. He drew back and gave her a stern look, "When I tell you to do something; do it." He let go of her hands, "Now, lay down."

Ava pouted but did as she was told. Aiden leant down and gave her a chaste kiss to placate her then straddled her. He wasted no time in grabbing the collar of the shirt and ripping the seams apart. Buttons flew everywhere and Ava squeaked. He was so aggressive –she loved it. He tugged her bra down and placed his mouth on her nipples, sucking and biting down, making her squirm underneath him.

She reached for the bulge in his jeans, curious as to how his hardness would feel in her hands. It was taut, rigid and hot -unmoveable.

"Careful Ava-Marie," Aiden groaned. He sucked harder.

"Please sir," she panted.

Aiden grunted and pulled her hand away. He held it above her head, "Not yet." He kissed her and removed the shirt and her bra, throwing them onto the ground with his vest top, then slid down her body and lifted her legs from under him. He hooked her thighs onto his hip so that her sex was tilted toward him and open like a flower in bloom. With one foul swoop his hands came down onto her knickers and the next second they were hanging from his hands, torn apart.

"Please," she tried again, pushing her bare wetness against his denim clad girth. Like the first time her sex had ever come into contact with him, Aiden didn't stop her. He sat and observed her as her begging became breathier and her movements more feral until she looked like she was about to cum, and he moved back. Ava screamed in frustration and swung her leg up to kick him for denying her a second release.

He caught her foot and his eyes flashed, "Careful, Ava-Marie." His tone wasn't gentle anymore. He was warning her.

Aiden dropped her foot and took the tail of the belt in his hands again. He shuffled down to the end of the bed. "The safe word is midnight. If at any point you feel like you need to stop, do not say stop; say midnight."

He pulled a condom out of his pocket, kicked off his jeans and lay flat on his stomach in front of her and begun to trail wet kisses across her hip bone, then he dragged the tip of his tongue from her belly button down to the top of her slit.

He tugged on the belt.

Ava gasped as he flicked his tongue over her clitoris, and then drew his full lips together for an indulgent French kiss. The kissing continued as he moved lower, all the way down to her opening.

Ava's stomach clenched and butterflies exploded as her river flowed into his mouth.

His tongue stiffened and dipped inside of her pink candy-coated walls and she arched her back, involuntarily tightening the belt around her own throat, then cried out and reached for his leather wrapped fist resting on her stomach.

"Aiden...oh my god, Aiden," she called, tapping his hand like she was tapping out.

He growled and looked up at her, fucking her with his long, stiff tongue, unwilling to cut his feast short. Even from such a submissive position he still managed to dominate her. Ava threw her head back, she couldn't help it; she was drunk on him and the glass wasn't even half empty yet. The belt tightened and her air supply lessened. She brought her head back up and Aiden held her there, forcing her to watched as he changed his methods of undoing, from tongue fucking to licking her slowly from her opening to her clit. Ava could see his tongue moving between her folds and the sight of it made her pull her thighs closer together, trapping his head. She didn't know why she had the urge to hold him there -maybe because it felt like the only way to regain some ounce of control, but to her surprised Aiden moaned. He opened his mouth wider and engulfed all of her sex in his mouth, sucking hard and swirling his tongue, pressing his face deeper into her.

Ava hummed through bitten lips and twirled her hips against his mouth as the darkness fuzzed around the edges of her vision blurred and the white light readied itself to explode in full force. Aiden growled and pressed her thigh closer to his head, burying his tongue deeper within her and sucking at her clit at the same time.

"Do it," he growled.

Ava squeezed her eyes shut and screamed, her body turning into a storm as her rain poured, thunder shook her violently and the lightening crackled so brilliantly that everything else fell away into pure white nothingness.

Her noises turned frantic as Aiden continued to feed on her, slapping her ass to add another element to the euphoria. She strained against the belt and screamed "MIDNIGHT," over and over, afraid that her jerking would make her tug too violently against the belt and snap her neck.

Aiden stopped immediately and undid it.

He threw it away and as Ava came to her kissed her deeply, massaging his tongue with hers, kissing her so intensely that it looked like it felt so good that it hurt. "You're so fucking perfect," he breathed, "And you're mine." He yanked down his boxers and slipped the condom on. He placed the glistening head of his thickness at her tight opening.

Ava's breath caught and she stared at him. This was it; this was the rite of passage that she'd said she was going to hold out for until she met 'the one', on the cusp of being taken away. She could stop him; Aiden was decent enough not to do it if she didn't want him to, but even if he wasn't the one, he was definitely something significant, and to Ava, in this moment, that was enough.

"You're all mine." Aiden pushed inside of her and shuddered. She was so tight, so new, but so welcoming.

Ava's thoughts paused and she was suspended in time, her only focus being the stretching of her walls and what an odd sensation it was. It was nothing like having fingers or tongues...or Ben Wa balls inside of her...it was Aiden. His body was inside of her, connecting them to one another, and he felt odd...in a really, really good way. Was this what sex was meant to feel like; this peculiar stretching mixed with pain and discomfort and a whole lot of pleasure?

"Am I hurting you?" he asked roughly, the feel of her walls locking around him putting more pressure on his shaft than he was used to. It had been a while since he'd had a virgin, and now he remembered why.

"A little...but don't stop," she added, scared that he'd think she couldn't handle it.

"I won't," he chuckled. He kissed her forehead and stroked her face, "Just relax for me."

"How?" she panicked.

"Stop thinking. Just feel." Aiden kissed her. It was clearly something she enjoyed doing the most (for now), probably because it was the one thing she was 100 percent comfortable with, plus...he was a very good kisser.

Ava started to loosen up, caught up in the kiss more than the new sensation and Aiden started to move again. It still pinched here and there, and when he hit the end of her tunnel it was like being punched in her stomach from the inside, but it didn't hurt in the same way a punch would; it was a good kind of hurt that rippled out into waves of intense and shocking pleasure and made her want him to do it again. She moaned into his mouth and spread her legs wider, allowing him in deeper.

"Better?" he asked, finding his rhythm. Ava nodded. "Good." He lifted her legs from his hip onto his broad shoulder and looked down at her. His eyes darkened, "Don't ever hit me again."

Ava's heart stopped; this was only the beginning.



Keeping his stormy eyes locked on her, Aiden pulled out of Ava with a deliberate slowness, making sure she felt every last solid inch of him. Ava sighed, a mixture of relief and disappointment, quietly dreading the end of him as he slipped away from her. She'd truly felt him for less than a minute and although she hadn't gotten to grips with the art of love making just yet, it didn't stop her from craving him even more than she had initially. That small taste was nowhere near enough -but it wasn't over yet. The look in his eyes made her believe that by the end of it she'd change her mind about the whole thing. He looked dangerous. The chilling coolness he'd exuded when they first met was present, casting a veil between them and the clamouring need they had built over the course of the week of knowing each other.

Aiden laid next to her, slinking his king-sized frame along the side of her body, making her feel small and delicate. She leant into him, so willing to have him put her fragility to the test.

"I want to punish you the way you deserve," he purred as he looked down at her, the density of his colourless gaze dragging her deeper under his dark spell, "but as it is your first time I will grant you this saving grace, Ava-Marie." His fingers crawled up over her waist and circled around her navel.

The gesture warmed Ava's tummy, making it jolt and flutter, and as it did she swore that she could still feel him inside of her, like his sex had imprinted on hers and her sex was in no hurry to forget the way he filled and stretched her. It was another odd sensation; one she found made her strangely happy -happy to know that Aiden had really been there, to know that her body had been claimed.

A reminder that her innocence was no more.

His hand found her wetness once more. She gasped and arched her back against the white sheets, pushing at the rumpled duvet with the bottom of her feet and pointing her toes.

Aiden tilted his head in awe of her. His kohl hued eyes softened at her grace; even flushed, covered in sweat, burns and fading scars of his making, she still managed to look like a physical expression of heaven. He dragged his fingers back and forth along the ceiling of her nature, lavishing in the way that she accented her swan-like movements with her unlady-like moans, "Whether you are punished or not, this morning, is up to you."

Ava blinked languidly at him, falling prey to his carnal caresses, "How?"

With his free hand he picked her hand up and turned her damp palms to his mouth, kissing the shallow where her love line curved towards him, "You can't touch me." With one swift blur of a motion Aiden pulled her body up and over his as he slid down and under hers, his fingers still discovering her foreign land. Her arousal flowered and she dripped down his hand and onto his body like sun-warmed honey.

Aiden groaned. He was eager to be back inside her.

His touch was replaced with his thickness and he pushed through her walls again, pulling her slender frame all the way down to the hilt, making her lower lips press against his pelvis like true lust's first kiss. Ava stiffened, shocked by his fullness, something she was certain she would never get used to. She bit her lip and as her hands went out to touch the rippling planes of his abdomen, to push up from him and reduce the full feeling, Aiden grabbed them and gathered both of her slender wrists in one of his hands.

"You can't touch me," he repeated. He tensed below the waist and lifted his hips, stretching and pushing her walls even further.

Ava whimpered and closed her eyes. Feeling this full was daunting; there was no space for anything else. He fit her so perfectly. Their union felt seamless, like they were destined to be one, even if being one with Aiden felt like he would split her in two, and liberate the butterflies that ran rampant in her tummy.

Her walls locked up around him, making Aiden wince. "Fuck, you're so tight." He pulled out a little then curled his waist and rolled all of him back into all of her.

With each lulling stroke Ava relaxed around him. She sighed, "...Aiden."

He loosened his hold on her wrists, "Put your hands behind your head and keep them there."

Ava opened her eyes and twisted her arms behind her head, stretching her torso upwards, making her small, pert breasts sit higher on her chest, and her mocha coloured nipples peek out from between her waist length braids. She looked like the vision of an Afrocentric visionary, a new age portrait of a black goddess, with her hooded almond eyes that held the spirit of the earth, skin permanently kissed by the summer sun, full blushing lips fashioned for saccharine amorousness and hair like vines entwined around her frame, falling where it pleased.

She was a nymph, magic and myth, and she belonged to him.

If Ash had been art then Ava was the muse, an inspired thing of beauty that made Aiden feel evangelical about her. He wanted the universe to know that this woman was his, but to claim her so openly could have dire consequences for the both of them, so for now he'd enjoy her in secret.

"We need to get you on the pill or something. This is not enough. I want to feel you properly." He pushed deeper. Ava threw her head back and arched her back, thrusting her breasts out. He palmed them then took her nipple between his thumb and his index, rolling and pulling it until it hardened and her body thrummed with her heartbeat. She moved her arms and reached for him again the quivering that pulsed through her centre making her too weak to hold herself upright. Aiden soon remedied that. He slammed into her, and slapped the underside of her breast.


"Hands," he warned before she could slip up.

Ava bit her lip and readjusted herself, staring down at him with bewilderment. That swift strike to her breast heightened her arousal. Each time his hands came down on her it was like he broke through another layer of repression, opening her up to him like a rose blooming through concrete.

Aiden resumed his slow, deep strokes, "Do you know how difficult it is for me to take my time and fuck you like this? Every time I move I want to cum; that's how good you feel, Ava-Marie." His voice was low and attractive like the introduction to a Jodeci song, intensifying the feeling. She didn't want him to stop talking to her. "But if you touch me," his slow jam worthy voice developed an edge, "I will make you cum, and I won't stop."

"That doesn't sound like much of a punishment," she purred with a dreamy smile.

Aiden took her hips in both of his hands and pulled her all the way down. He rocked her body against his, rubbing her throbbing bud against his pelvis, "I won't stop," he breathed through gritted teeth, her tightness locking him in again, "Even if you scream 'midnight', I will keep taking you until you have nothing left to give." His hand slid up over her navel to the valley between her bouncing breasts then rested promisingly against her collarbone. His eyes flashed and she saw stars in their endless night, "I will be the end of you, Ava-Marie."

His long fingers snapped around her throat, not to hurt her or cut off her air, just to hold her. He stared at her, feeling her pulse clatter in his hand. If she was afraid, she didn't show it; her eyes were hooded and her pretty mouth ajar, wishing he would hold on a little tighter.

Aiden pulled her torso down on top of him and wrapped his burly arms over around her back, holding her close and still, as he pushed into her.

"Oh...god," she choked on her moan, breathing in harsh, loud, wheezing gasps. The sex was gorgeous. She didn't know if that was the right way to say it, but that was the adjective that fit the description. Aiden's movements were indulgent; focused and controlled but lacquered in passion. He was dancing, slow grinding inside of her, drawing her inhibitions out. It was a contrast to his aggressive approach but it was just as rapturous.

Just as torturous.

Aiden made love to her at a metaphorical arm's length, making her ache to be closer to him but denying her that pleasure. She wanted to hold him back, to caress him, to kiss his full lips and feel the warm velvet and satin of his tongue, but he wouldn't let her.

"You're so wet for me, baby," he grunted, nipping at her earlobe, "I'm tempted to make you cum right now." He pressed down on her lower back sliding her up and down his body, her nectar pooling out around the base of his girth and spreading as he moved her against him. He could feel the sensitive head of her clit, hard and swollen, drawing patterns on his skin for as tight as he was holding her.

Ava begun to quiver and her arms shook. It ached to hold them behind her head whilst she was horizontal, and the longer he fucked her the weaker her body became, like an ice sculpture under heat, melting and evaporating into liquid and smoke. She melted around him, climaxing, gripping his broad shoulders as she sang unharmoniously of the electric current that shot through her veins and the string wound tightly around her muscles that she could feel herself breaking free from.

This was lust drunk liberation, with a bespoke hangover for which there would be no cure.

Aiden lay stiff under her.


As her orgasm faded into sweet normalcy, Aiden slid from beneath her jittery frame. She was thrumming with it; this feeling of calm and light that enveloped her and brought her peace. It had been a while since she'd felt peace like this, and she would have loved to stay in her land of rose-coloured restitution, but Aiden's cold, hard voice cut through the breathy silence, casting a glittering shadow over her temporary lightness.

He came from behind like an assassin, wielding his sword like Excalibur. "I did warn you, Ava-Marie." 

He was harsh with her body, wild and unrestrained in his delivery of maddening thrusts, making her love-slick walls ache for another release. Hands on her hips, he pulled her ass up into the air and pushed her head down, then dragged his hand along her spine creating a deep curve in her back so that her pussy poked out at the perfect angle. Ava gritted her teeth and knotted her fingers in the sheets between reaching for something that she knew wasn't there.

He growled as he fucked her, bringing his hand across her ass every few strokes so that she wouldn't find her comfort. Everything had to be intense and in the moment, she had to feel every single thing in order for him to make good on his deal.

She screamed and her walls began to lock up around him.

"I wanna see you, baby," he whispered roughly. He grabbed her braids by the nape of her neck and lifted her upper half into the air and locked his forearm around her chest. His hand held her face and twisted it so he could admire the masochistic ecstasy brazenly illustrated across her profile. "You're so fucking beautiful, baby. You're so fucking beautiful," he repeated over and over, muttering gutturally on the brink of insanity, hungrily kissing the curve of her neck between sentences. Ava gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. She was close again. Aiden's chatter became more fervent as he moved faster. "Cum for me, Ava-Marie. Cum for me now. Mmm...now baby, now."

White light exploded and the sound of their screams turned into an empty ringing that she was too removed from reality to hear clearly. Her body ran hot and cold, and her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, dazzling and dripping down her frame to join the liquid that flowed from her sex.

Aiden roared and applied pressure to her stomach with his open palm. He could feel his member striking against her ending and hear the sensual splashing of her love.

Ava's hands reached back for him, slapping haphazardly at his hips, feeling the surge coming to pull her under again so soon. "Wait...wait!"

He shook his head and swatted at her sex, beating his fingers rapidly against her clitoris. "Again," he demanded. 

Ava tried to fight it, tried to hold her breath and ignore the swell of power preparing to explode inside of her, but he felt so good. Too good. She cried out and curled her body, the strength of the feeling enough to take Aiden down with her as she collapsed onto the mattress. She yelled louder as the fall made him fall into her.

Aiden grunted and readjusted himself to continue his tyrannical assault of pleasure on her. Keeping her ass up as he laid against her back, he spread his legs wider, wedging both of Ava's thighs between his, making her love tighter.

Her nails tore through the mattress cover as the bed began to rock with them, throwing Aiden into her harder and harder as he gathered momentum. Ava cursed and tried to shake some of the feeling out, but with Aiden pinning her down and holding her together there was no way for her to lessen the sensation. It grew stronger until she was sopping wet, swollen and ready to let go again.

Aiden pulled his glazed fingers from her sweet nature and pushed them into her mouth, making her screams garbled.


Ava shook her head, "No more, please," she moaned, sucking herself off of his hand.

"I didn't give you a choice. Maybe you'll do as your told next time."

With his fingers now coated in her saliva he rolled her onto her side and hoisted one of her legs up in the air, holding her thigh close to her body and spreading her wide. He slowed his pace back to the deep gorgeous stroking that made her crumble in the first place, all length, girth and feeling, but she was cumming again and the loveliness of his love making didn't ease the pressure, in fact it made it worse and when he begun to trace circles on the head of her clit as he buried himself to the hilt and back again, Ava's temples pulsated. She closed her eyes and lay her head back against him, a quivering mess of honey and heightened nerves.

"Open your eyes and watch me fuck you, Ava-Marie."

She looked down and watched his thick rigid length glistening as it slipped all the way in and back out of her, the contrasts of their diverging melanin making the act look all the more enthralling.

Aiden watched with her, curling his hips as he moved, enjoying the way she gasped every time he returned to her. "Your pussy looks so pretty with my dick inside of it, doesn't it baby?"

Ava whimpered. He even made profanity sound like he was reciting a sonnet.

Aiden kissed her neck and sighed, "You feel so good. I never wanna stop fucking you. I never want to stop making you cum."

He sped up.

It was like being loaded with a semi-automatic rifle; once the trigger was pulled it fired hard and fast. Ava's body cast out butterflies like bullets, they escaped her like her breath and nothing she did would help her hold onto them. They didn't belong to her any more. She didn't belong to her anymore. She was his.

"All mine," he murmured, pounding her walls and spanking her sex.


All his.

Ava tried her best to counter his movements but she was exhausted and didn't think she had anything more in her than the urge to curl up next to him and sleep and sleep. She couldn't cum any more she didn't have the energy. Fucking Aiden had turned into a cavalcade of orgasms, laced together, each one as epic as the last. 

She was done. 



And heavily spent.

Aiden buried his face and gripped her tighter, then like an angel cast from heaven, he came crashing down, his wings going up in flames as he fell into her abyss.