#RunningWilde Ch. 22 | Love Stories


'Cause we both wanted to do this

But I could tell that you were scared

'Cause you thought there was more to us

But you knew how this would end

It's gonna end how you expected

Girl you're such a masochist

-Echoes of Silence

The Weeknd

Aiden rapped his knuckles against the door, sending dull vibrations down Ava's back. She hadn't moved from her spot on the floor, not entirely sure of what good it would do if someone tried to force their way in, but knowing that she had a better chance of hearing someone coming if she sat there, eased her mind a little more. Neither she nor Aiden had heard Dougie break into the house. His dislike of her being alive put Ava more on edge than she was to begin with, but her nerves eased a little when she heard a pair of boots beating a slow, steady rhythm against the floorboards as they approached. She knew it was Aiden. She could picture the way he swaggered as he walked; his warrior-like quality making him stand tall with his broad chest puffed out, as his hips dropped and switched in his cool thug style.

Aiden came across like he was two people at once; the nouveau riche business man built on top of a Brixton foundation -a refined gangster. He could pull off the eloquence of a gentleman, but no matter how many airs and graces he displayed, the hood was always in the undertones of everything he said and did. She wondered if he minded; if this was the best he could do or if he was still developing himself.

"Ava-Marie," he called as he twisted the door handle. Ava scrambled to her feet and moved to the other side of the room. As the door opened, she peered around Aiden to see if he was alone.

"He's gone," Aiden confirmed.

"Oh, thank God!" Ava released a breath that she never knew she was holding and pressed her hand to her chest, "And to think, I thought you were scary."

Aiden regarded the way her muscles unwound with the knowledge that Dougie was gone. He lips formed a line and he cocked his head to the side, "He scares you more?"

Ava opened her mouth to say yes then reconsidered. Although he wasn't posing an immediate threat, there was something a little more sinister about Aiden than his lieutenant. Dougie was more black and white with his need to kill. He applied logic, killing only as a means to an end so that the odds were ever in favour of himself and the Diamond Mafia. It was his job. Aiden wasn't that level headed. He was too passionate. Even as he stood waiting for her answer, his dark eyes devoured her, as if he wanted nothing more than to do it for real...

She inched back some more, "No."

The corners of his lips lifted, amused that she understood that just because Dougie wanted her dead and he wanted her alive, that it didn't make him any less dangerous.

He extended his hand to her, "You should eat something."

Ava put her hands behind her back, out of his reach, "I'm not hungry."

"Really?" he raised his eyebrow and sauntered towards her, closing the space she'd put between them. His eyes glinted as they travelled from her face to the space between her thighs then back up, "Because I'm starving."

And there it was, as if it had merely been on standby waiting to be activated by his slick tongue, that betraying warmth that flooded Ava's nervous system like hot, melted wax, trickling to every part of her -some more than others.

"Then you should eat."  

Aiden wondered if she picked up on her double entendre. He swept his tongue across his lips and imagined what they would taste like if he was licking Ava off of them. He slipped his arms around her waist and interlocked his fingers with hers, "Oh I intend to," he smirked.

Her skin lit up, her burns making her turn scarlet instead of the rose gold shade he was most fond of. He didn't mind this saturated colour though; it made her blush more intense, giving the illusion that he was affecting her more than usual.




Aiden escorted Ava back into the kitchen and proudly presented her with a stack of vegan pancakes with a small jug of maple syrup, a bowl of fruit salad and a cup of camomile tea. She was taken aback by all of the trouble he had gone through. It smelled and looked so delicious that her tummy made a gurgling sound.

He pulled the stool out for her, "Have a seat."

Ava sat tentatively on the edge of it, too aware of Aiden's hand holding the edge of the stool for her to risk brushing her ass against his fingers.

He pushed her in and grabbed his plate from the counter. When he turned back to her he found that she still hadn't touched her food. "Don't you like it?" he frowned.

"I don't want it." Her stomach gurgled again.

Aiden sat opposite her and set his plate down, "Bullshit. Eat," he ordered her gruffly.

She picked up her cutlery, cut a small piece of the pancake and put it in her mouth to appease him. Dammit, it tasted even better than she thought it would. She thought that if it tasted even a little crappy she could resist the urge to scoff it down, but they were so light and fluffy that she found herself closing her eyes and making appreciative sounds. She hadn't realised how hungry she was until she tasted it.

Aiden raised his eyebrow at her, watching as she devoured her food the way Stone did when he was high. "Good?"

Her eyes popped open. "It's edible," she said stiffly.

Aiden grinned, "I can live with that." He grabbed the maple syrup and happily poured it over his pancakes.

Ava stopped for a moment, dazzled by the way he had managed to become even more appealing. His teeth, straight and white, contrasted against his skin and his eyes were brighter. 'He should smile more', she thought.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes, "Pass the syrup."

"Manners, Ava-Marie," he replied indolently.

Ava's stomach tightened and her mouth went dry.

With shaky hands she picked up her tea and took a sip. His request transported her back to that night in the bathroom when he'd first propositioned her to submit to him, and how foolish she felt having to constantly address him as an authority figure in fear of receiving a punishment for not doing so. She hoped that with the new territory that there would be new rules, that Aiden would put an end to that, but it didn't seem that way.

She set the cup down and lowered her head, "Can I have the syrup please..." the heat of humiliation flushed her skin "...Sir?"

Aiden's hand jerked and more syrup than he wanted spilled from the little porcelain jug. His body twitched below the belt and his palms became clammy. She still said 'Sir' like it was beneath her -nothing like the docile way a good submissive was supposed to -but just as before, it didn't make a difference to Aiden, it was still a satisfactory sound to hear fall from her un-kissed mouth.

It made him want to change that.

He held tightly to the edge of the island to keep himself from going to her. "No, I mean normal manners," he scolded, "Don't call me that."

Ava looked up at him with surprise. It was odd to see him flustered by the very authority he'd demanded. The tips of his fingers paled with the pressure he was gripping the island with, as he regarded her with dilated black on black eyes, warning her that, that one little word had been a step too far. What was different about that word now? How did its power fall into Ava's lap? "Is this a trick?"

"No," he barked, pushing the syrup over to her. He moved his hand quickly as she reached for it. She couldn't touch him right now; that would only make it worse.

"So you won't punish me if I don't do it?"

His eyes fluttered shut as he played that section of her words back "...punish me..." Fuck! She had no idea what she'd done. All he could think about was punishing her and pleasing her until her body dripped, then making her beg him for mercy and relief until she was curled up in his lap, naked, sore and completely spent.

The twitching in his trousers grew stronger.

He tried to think about something else but Ava being only a foot away from him made it even harder.


Puppies...dog collars...Ava-Marie with a collar around her throat, on her knees, crawling to me.


Football...nets...Ava-Marie in fishnet tights and me hooking my fingers through the holes and tearing them apart at the apex of her thighs, then pushing myself inside of her.


Pancakes, there is no way I can turn pancakes into thoughts of her, right?


Aiden stared at his plate at the stack of pancakes glistening with maple syrup.


Yes, pancakes. Warm, sticky, sweet pancakes...

...Warm, sticky, sweet, Ava-Marie...


Ava furrowed her brow at him; in a matter of seconds he'd gone from looking flustered to looking like he was in pain, his fingers holding on for dear life, his jaw clenched together so hard that he was at risking of shattering his beautiful smile, and the vein at his temple throbbing so aggressively that she thought he might explode.


He glared at her, "What?"

She swallowed, "...You didn't answer me," she reminded him meekly.

"I will try my best."

"What does that mean?"

Aiden inhaled deeply, "It means that you being mine is not the same as you being my prisoner. I have no reason to torture you now, nor do I want to, but there are things that I wish to do to you, Ava-Marie," his eyes darkened and his voice dropped to a guttural rumble, "bad things, and when you address me like I am your master it makes me want to do them even more."

The hairs on the back of Ava's neck stood up and her singed skin tingled as electricity sparked in the air between them. She leant back and dropped her hands into her lap so that he wouldn't see how unsettled his words made her; fidgeting with the hem of his white shirt as what she knew to be right and wrong took up arms in her mind.

After everything he'd done to her, there should be a clear choice. There always should have been a clear choice, but especially now.

Aiden was all wrong...and yet the masochism he'd awakened in her was irrevocably bound to him, craving him regardless of how much her common sense opposed. He made her rational thoughts cloud over with bittersweet dreams of hard hands meeting tender flesh, complimentary tag teams of sharp teeth and soft tongues, the thrill of giving up control, of giving in to desire, and the promise of the overdue kiss that would most likely steal the air from her lungs. This power that he had over her was going to get her into more trouble than she was in already.

She scraped her teeth over her bottom lip, "Why do you want to hurt me?"

"Hurt you?" Aiden glanced down and chuckled sardonically. She didn't know the half of what he wanted to do to her. He locked eyes with her. "I want to bend you over the counter, lift that shirt up over your ass and thrash you for trying to run away from me."

Ava put her hands on her thighs and pressed her restless fingertips against them with the same amount of pressure Aiden was applying to the edge of the island.

"I want to listen intently to you as you fight to hold back your moans and struggle to catch your breath, to watch you squirm for me, to see how red you can get."  He sunk his teeth into his bottom lip and arched his knuckles, digging his nails into the wood, "I want to touch you softly between your thighs and see how wet my punishing you, makes you. I want to get on my knees behind you, part your legs and lightly brush my mouth across your pussy, then take my time kissing it deep and slowly until you're overflowing and your legs are shaking so much that you can barely stand."

Ava's lips parted and she sucked air between her teeth.

"I want to kiss you on the mouth so you will know how good you taste, so you will understand why I was down there for so long." His eyes flashed, "I want you to return the favour; on your knees with your hands behind your back and my hand on your head, guiding your mouth all the way onto my dick and keeping you there until you gag and break away, gasping for air before I put it back in. I want you to look up at me as you do it so that I can pinpoint the exact moment when you discover that you like the feel of me in your mouth. You get greedy. You moan as you taste me. You beg me to fuck you. I want to feel how tight you are, how your warm walls pulsate around me, how the harder I fuck you the wetter you get."

She wound the hem of Aiden's shirt around her fingers and pressed her thighs together. The images he painted with his blue tongue were so vivid in that her body had readied itself for the real experience –as had Aiden's.

He leant in and lowered his voice, growling at her, "I want you to scream so loud that I have to cover your mouth so that the neighbours can't hear you. And as you cum for me, with your eyes wide, your skin covered in sweat, and your hair falling out of place as your body jerks with my every thrust, I'll tell you that you're the most beautiful fucking woman I've ever seen, and you will be glad that you are mine."

He pushed his stool back from the island and stood up. Ava saw the swell of his length filling out his jeans to the point that the fabric puckered around it. She crossed her legs and felt her labia slide against each other, slick with her nectar. Holy fuck, she wanted him.

"I don't want to hurt you, Ava-Marie," Aiden smirked arrogantly, pushing his hips forward to give her a better view of his fullness. Her wandering eyes shot up to his face, embarrassed that she'd been caught staring so hard. "I want to own you, completely." Ava swallowed. "But as I said, you are not my prisoner so I will try not to touch you like that..." he cocked his head to the side, "until you tell me you want me to."

She broke eye contact, believing had she kept staring that her mouth would speak for her and tell him yes to the spanking and the trembling, the French kissing both on their knees and standing, and the fucking that would make her feel the heady release of everything built up between them. She would be a damn fool to say anything of the sort.

"I will never want you to."

"For both of our sakes, I hope not." Aiden swept out of the room and shut himself in the living room leaving Ava alone to figure out how she was going to make herself believe her own lies. 


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