#RunningWilde Ch. 48 | Take Off (Part II) (Full Version)


Never been so inside it

When I give in to you

Never been so existing

You can't know unless you feel it



Jamie Woon


They moved through his jet. Ava bore witness to the dark leather with suede, fur and gold accents of the main lounge, where a sleek entertainment system took centre stage on the back wall.

Aiden didn’t pause or speak to show her around. He kept moving and toying with the dial on the love egg, amusing himself by witnessing her reaction.

They entered the bathroom. The chill of the marble tiles against her hands and knees reminded her of his playroom back at the compound, and when he stopped walking, an all too familiar feeling of dread seeped into her excitement.

He switched off the egg and pulled it out of her slowly, watching her honeyed centre spill out with the help of the device. He removed the collar and set everything down on the black countertop next to the sink, then moved in front of her, his penis still at its maximum.

He watched her.

He waited.

After almost a minute of silence, Ava craned her neck to look up at him.

“Is the tour over?” her voice quivered. He tilted his head to the side, slowly. His black eyes beheld a burning like hellfire that made her too afraid to speak again. She looked back at him for as long as she could bear before the power of his authoritarian stare overwhelmed her and she had no choice but to look away. Broken from his officious optical hold, she gasped, not realising she’d been holding her breath. Just how angry was he? Had she truly gone too far? With her heartbeat climbing to her throat, she mustered the courage to look at him again. Hellfire eyes bore into her and a cautionary shiver ran up her spine. “Aiden?”

He helped her to her feet, placed her quivering hands on the top buttons of his shirt and dropped his back to his sides.

“You want me to undress you?”

He stepped closer.

“Okay.” She undid him. Each button parted his shirt to reveal a familiar piece of black coffee wrapped tight around hard muscles and an amalgamation of ink and scars old and new. She peered down at his pectorals and he quickly lifted her face back up.

His voice came low and velvety, “Keep your eyes on me, Ava-Marie.”

She paused momentarily, his alluring tone threw her off a little after such a stern, extended silence. She blinked, “Yes sir.”

She continued to undo him.

Ava tugged the bottom of his shirt out from the waistband of his jeans once she hit his belt…the very same belt that had encased her throat and choked her as she’d climaxed from the wonders of his black magic mouth. It was the same day she’d surrendered herself to his power and handed him her innocence. She remembered the buckle pressed into her throat, cutting off her air supply as her head grew light and darkness closed in.

The tip of his dick brushed her wrists.

She licked her lips.

That small action combined with the intensity of their gaze lit up the already charged moment. Though his mouth remained stern and silent, his eyes darkened.

She swallowed. She moved to his cuffs next. She lifted his hands up between them and skin grazed skin as his knuckles brushed against her nipples. She exhaled. She pushed his shirt off of his broad shoulders, revealing more illustrated, war torn skin and she fought not to break eye contact, not to look down and get a gluttonous look at the blessing between his legs, for in her peripheral vision she could see more of him. Her body warmed.

Aiden slipped his hands out of his sleeves and let his shirt fall to the floor. He took her hands again and placed them on his belt buckle. She fumbled with the metal, his cock now in constant contact with her body as it stood proudly out of his open zipper. Aiden drew a chaste breath and bit down on his full lips. His hands landed on her hips and pulled her closer, and the head of his member bumped against her stomach. He ran his hands over her, brought his face closer as if he might kiss her…but never did.

Her hands slipped, tripped and trembled as she tried her hardest to focus on getting that damn belt undone, but the staring, and the touching, and the body heat, and exposed sexes, and parted lips so close, so fucking close and yet so far apart, were more of a distraction than she’d anticipated.

Away came his belt. The top button of his jeans popped free with a quickness and Ava slipped her eager fingers beneath the waistband of his Calvin’s.

He stopped her with an amused smirk and tapped her ankle with his boot that had yet to be removed.

She looked down.

She looked down.

A low, dangerous sound vibrated from his chest, “I warned you not to break eye contact.” He grabbed her by her hips and pushed her body against the counter top, putting her face to face with herself in the huge wall mirror above it. He bent her over and dragged his belt free from his jeans. “Keep your fucking eyes on me and count, Ava-Marie.”

Before she had the chance to question him, leather whistled through the air and struck her backside. She squeezed her eyes shut and cried, “ONE!”

“It’s as if you are intent on disobeying my orders. I will put an end to that today, make no mistake. Eyes on me!” he hissed.

She looked at his reflection.

“Start again.”

The whistling sound came again, and he struck her once more. She clenched her fist, bit down on her back teeth and forced her eyes to remain locked on him, “One.”

He struck again.



She sprung up onto her tiptoes, “Four.”


Aiden paused to step closer and slip his hard dick in the warm, wet space between her thigs. She settled back, flat onto her feet and rested her sex along the length of him. He dropped the belt and caressed her ass with his hand. “Five more to go.” He spanked her, and she jolted against him.

Her voice came softer, “Six.”

Breathier, “Seven.”

It broke, “Eight.”

She sighed, “Nine.

Aiden drew as far back as he could and positioned his head at her opening, then with thunderous force, he delivered his final blow. Without giving her a chance to get the last number out, he grabbed her waist and slammed himself into her, all the way to the hilt, till his pubic mound kissed her lower lips and his overwhelming size put a strain on her cervix.

Deep inside her, buried within her warm walls with their welcoming constriction, Aiden pulsed.

Ava’s eyes were wide and watery, crystal clear streams of bittersweet bliss expressing more than she could at the feeling of being one with him again after so long apart. Her mouth posed wide and silent watching their electric stillness in the mirror, locked in this moment of violent delight. Her head was empty of sensible thought. All her attention was fixated on the fullness that stretched her beyond comfortability mingled with the fierce sting his palm left behind. External pain multiplied by internal pain, wrapped up in a chiffon bow of pleasure, which thrummed with the kind of malice that promised to remain long after they’d parted.

Aiden closed his eyes and savoured their connection, not wanting to move lest he caved to all that made her godly. She felt like Eve’s first bite of the apple; delicious and decadent in its sin. He’d never known a temptation so overwhelming, so undeniable that he fought to sustain the tension in his muscles to stop from falling into her. “Finish counting,” he rasped.


Her sweet submission caressed his eardrums, her tainted innocence enslaving him with more power than he could bare to possess in that moment. He had to get out while he still could. He withdrew his body from hers and his senses gradually rekindled, carefully working their way around the renewed memory of how she felt until he was back in control again. He stepped back and admired the scarlet print of his force painted across her ass and the glisten of her nature coating all of him.

Ava curled into herself and held the counter for support, scorning the emptiness. His removal felt as if he’d taken more than just his body away from her. Her gaze shifted to one of sadness and longing, like she was a fish trapped in a tank and he was the glorious sea. “I’d forgotten what you felt like.”

Aiden turned her to face him and it hit him all over again. She hit him all over again; gods, apples and overwhelming temptation. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand and she leant into it. He skimmed his mouth across her forehead and planted a light kiss between her brows. It was less risky than touching lips. “My memories do you no justice,” he harmonised, “But I think you’ve truly learned your lesson yet.” He stepped back and removed all trace of feeling, bottling his emotions up and stowing them away where she could not get to them. Where she could not get to him. “Did you enjoy having me inside you, Ava-Marie?”

She blinked. How could he go from forehead kisses to militant so fluidly when she was endued with a flood of feeling so forceful that the small distance between them made her ache? “I did.”

He looked down his nose at her with blank, black eyes, “Thank me.”

Her cheeks warmed, and her heart did that annoying thing where it spiked her pulse. Such an emotionally complicated thing it was to be a new submissive; to suppress her independent nature in favour of pleasing him, to make him the sun yet find pleasure in being the moon. He wanted thanks as if she should be grateful for that morsel of contact. She swallowed and her pride seared her throat like a hot coal, “Thank you, sir.” And then it melted away, as if the words were a spell that erased its existence entirely. When she stopped fighting it, it was like a storm passing and the waves ceasing their thrashing to reveal water so crystal clear that you could see to the bottom. There was beauty in it. This is what it was to be vulnerable.

He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, “You’re welcome, Ava-Marie. As a reward for your good behaviour, you may clean me up.”

Her pulse spiked again.

Her mouth tightened.

He furrowed his brow, “Will you make me repeat myself, Ava-Marie?”

“No, sir.”

And so she sank to her knees and opened her mouth, her wild autumn eyes still on him. She watched his lips part slightly and the understanding of her position that often escaped her when following orders became apparent once more; Aiden was not the only one in control here. She stuck out her tongue and licked his shaft slowly from base to tip, tasting the sweet saltiness of their arousals across her taste buds. He moaned and watched her tongue run along his length in a dutiful fashion with that mischievous look in her eye that let him know that she would not go down so easily. She knew what she was doing to him in her docile defiance -it made his dick harder. The challenge she presented to him at every turn excited him to no end, making his twisted games more fun than he’d intended. She licked him until every trace of their brief but ephemeral communion was no more, smirking at his staggered breath and the way his six-pack clenched and released.

He tilted his head to the side, took his cock in his fist and lifted it to his stomach and smiled. “All of it,” he gestured at the remaining wetness glazing his testicles.

She opened her mouth wider and licked from the underside of his sack to the base of his dick. At the first stroke of her tongue in such a sensitive area, his knees buckled and he cursed. Now it was his turn to brace against the counter. He gripped his length harder, “Ava-Marie, what are you doing to me,” he groaned, “Shit, that feels so fucking good, baby. Almost makes me want to forgive you for being such a bad girl.” She sucked both testes into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them in a figure of eight. “Oh my god. Oh fuck!” It was the most expression she’d ever heard from him. It made her feel heady and wet…and powerful. She smiled up at him and moaned. The vibration hummed through him, shaking his shields free and all of his bottled-up emotions spilled out across his face, feral and burning for her. “You won’t learn that way,” he panted, “You won’t behave if I…if I…fuckkkkkk!” He eased out of her mouth, closed his eyes and tilted his face to the heavens to escape the one that resided within her.

“Was it good, sir?” she smiled wider.

He met her smile with bitten lips and a smirk, “Finish undressing me. If you break eye contact I’ll fuck something else.” He dragged his thumb across her wet lips and she was tempted to look away if only for the thrill of it, if only to entertain the rush of him taking her mouth. Up to that point, when she’d given him head, she’d been in control. It had been an adjustment to get used to accommodating his size between her lips, but once she’d seen the way the act affected him, it spurred her on. She could only imagine what him being in control in the mood he was in now would feel like.

She decided to keep her eyes locked with his for her own good.

Once the remainder of his clothing had been removed and he stood before her more Spartan god of war than man, he picked her up from the ground and turned he back to face the counter top. His hands slipped around her waist and he pressed the hard, sculpted line of his boy against her. There they were, naked, meeting skin to skin in the bathroom mirror as they sailed through the dawn on his private jet, their desires plain as the sun in the sky.

“This could have all gone so differently,” he said as he slipped his arm around her waist. His fingertips circled her navel then rose upwards with only a light touch that made the fine hairs on her body stand to attention, begging to be caressed further till they lay flat against her skin, slick with the sweat of deranged lovemaking. “We could have been enjoying each other, watching classic 90s flicks, listening to good music, eating good food and drinking champagne at our leisure,” his finger traced the valley between her breasts…her collarbones…her throat, “Fucking.” His grip snapped tight, “But that has all been delayed because you wouldn’t be a good girl. Had you been a good girl…” his other hand reached around. It slipped downwards. She squirmed as he brushed his open palm over the mass of soft black curls between her legs, “I’d let you watch as I fucked you right here in this mirror you see us in now. Could you imagine how that would look; me fucking your tight little pussy while you watched? How it would feel?” He increased the pressure of his palm against her sex and continued to choke her above and caress her below whilst speaking in low tones that made her clitoris throb. “I’d let you watch yourself cum for me, over and over till you grew deliriously weary of the sight…but instead_”


His hand came down across her pubice, sharp and quick. He squeezed her throat and brought his fondant words closer to her ear, “If you’re clever you’ll be a good girl and keep your eyes on me. You already have ten out of the way…” THWACK! “…It would be a shame to have to start all over again…” THWACK! “A shame for you, that is. You’re already so sore, aren’t you baby?” he drawled with a sadistic smile.

She whimpered, part powerlessness and part arousal, and braced herself against the sink. She held her breath to keep from screaming and fixed her eyes obediently on his, now more focused than ever, for what he had spoken of, she wanted that version of them, the one that bordered on normal; chilling, watching films, snacks and fucking like rabbits. Every girls lazy Sunday dream.

As he spanked her sex he slipped his dick between her labia again, and brushed against her opening. “Look at how aroused you are. The more I torment and tease you, the wetter you get,” he purred between gentle thrusts and spanking. “You like being punished, don’t you?”

Yes,” she finally released a breath, laden with want.

“God, you’re fucking made for me, Ava-Marie,” he groaned, “You are my perfect, bratty little fuck toy.” He nudged her legs open wider and pushed his length further so that the glossy head of his member peeked through her lips and nudged her clit with the confidence one would have when they we’re aware that they would achieve their desired outcome.

He spanked her pussy faster with less force, but more focus, hitting her clit every time. The additional ten became twenty. She hummed her stirrings, bit down on her lips and forced herself to keep her eyes open and on him and not on the puddle of their liquid desires melting together as they dripped off of his dick onto the marble countertop. She tilted her waist instinctively, driven by her base nature, and pressed her clitoris firmly against his cock as she rode the buzz of heightened, raw nerve-endings, sore and oversensitive from his dual-manipulation.

He pressed on her windpipe. Her gasps were whispers of a pleasure forbidden, and a cautionary lightness filled her. She felt as if she’d drifted out to sea, lost in the middle of a storm, knowing eventually she would drown in the violence of Poseidon’s tumultuous waves one way or another. She knew that it would be frightening but that the only way to go peacefully was to stop fighting against her fate. Like the waves, Aiden crashed into her. He rocked and their bodies dripped and coalesced with one another, growing wetter and warmer the higher they climbed. He put his lips to her neck. She watched his reflection kiss her and his eyes flutter close, as his hand carelessly strummed her sex made of gossamer thread. He willed her to break under his touch, to fray and come apart, irreparable, but his mouth…his mouth was all feeling, all sweet confession, all submission to the blessing of having her body to body. He moaned softly, looking like a Romeo as he played out their flowery Shakespearean tragedy encased in leather and chains.

“I need to fuck you,” he whispered against her skin.

“Then do it.”

Obsidian eyes glinted angrily at her. He pulled away and took his jagged romance with him.

The loss of him melting into and against her felt worse than being struck.

“That sounded like an order.” He grabbed her hair and pressed her torso to the cold counter top, “Are you the one who gives the orders, Ava-Marie?”

“No, sir,” she gasped.

He picked up his belt.

Her eyes widened, “I’m sorry.”

“Count. We’re at forty.”

She shifted on her feet. The burning he’d already inflicted had yet to subside and Ava didn’t know if she could take the belt again. This was the part of her submission that truly tested how devout she was. She knew she wasn’t there yet. She covered her ass with her hands, her eyes wide and begging his reflection, “Please, sir.”

His jaw tensed and his eyes tightened to slits and she couldn’t tell if she had made him angrier or if she’d had the opposite effect on him.

She would soon find out.

“Are you begging me, Ava-Marie?” His voice was huskier.

She took a chance. “I am,” she spun on her heel, faced him and placed her trembling hands on his bare chest, “Please, sir. I’m begging you.”

Aiden stiffened; he hadn’t prepared himself for her to come so close of her own free will, her autumnal eyes burning with fear, and lust…and hope. He lifted his chin and swallowed.

“I am sorry for how I behaved. I know you were trying to help…in your own way,” her body followed her touch and she rested completely against him, “This life is foreign to me and it was all too much, but this,” her hands brushed upwards of his pectoral muscles and onto his broad shoulders which heaved as his breath deepened, “You, Aiden,” she cupped his jaw, her fingers grazed against his stubble, “You are so much more.” She rose onto her tip toes and carefully tilted his face down, “Not being able to feel you, fighting myself for so long not to want you the way I do, has been punishment enough.” She brushed her parted lips against his, “And I cannot bear it anymore, so please, sir, end this.” She kissed his lower lip.

Aiden froze like he’d been caught in an avalanche, except this did not make him cold. Far from it. His body raged with the heat of an overwhelming, all-consuming desire. It was when she’d kissed him that he’d felt it more than ever before; an avalanche of feelings all too powerful to contain. It rendered him unable to move again, fearful that if he bowed to her will at that moment, not only would he surrender his power, but that he’d be too fierce. Too fast. To much. It felt like there was fire in his fingertips and that his muscles were tensed to launch at her. His need to have her made the blood in his vein bubble with a fever that sang songs of his deepest, darkest, desire, riled up so much that even the monster locked behind his ribcage was clawing at the surface, eager to devour her. All of her sweet cries, the glitter of her tears, the way her muscles locked and danced under her cinnamon wrapping when struck. It was all so much. He’d allowed himself an abrupt taste of her, if only to keep his control and sate his lust, but her begging, and her touch, and her kisses were undoing all of that.

Slowly, he parted his lips and his eyelashes met the tops of his cheekbones. Their lips drew together at the same time, gently caressing one another with a honey-thick flow, dreamy and slow like the dance of lava in a lamp. They gravitated towards one another, shifting closer and closer, every available inch of skin, every limb, searching and finding and claiming the other for its own in slow motion. Engaged in the long game, neither of them rushing a kiss or caress as they moved as one harmonious unit, relishing every moment to make up for all of those lost moments.

His arms wrapped around her and his hands ran up and down her back, squeezing her softly every now and then to make sure she was real, and every time he did so, she’d sigh for him. Her soft sounds seduced him further and made the moment swell until it burgeoned on bursting open like a balloon that could only take on more injection of air. He artfully slipped his tongue into her mouth and let their longing flow out gracefully. She felt everything heighten and expand from their mouths until it spread all over made them vibrate with a warm golden light.

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?” she breathed.

He took her hand and led her to the shower.

“Stay over there. I want to look at you,” he said as he pulled the shower head from is stand and turned the water on. He tested the temperature then put it back and picked up a sponge from the caddy. Water rushed down his back and front; it cascaded through the crevices of his body making him shine and become more defined, and as he squeezed his signature Molten Brown shower gel onto the sponge, he watched her watch him. He scrubbed at his skin luxuriously, bubbles lathered and dripped down him like fine, frothy white lace that slipped and slid, veiling and unveiling different parts of him all at once like a constant liquid strip tease. Ava‘s eyes admired every part; his broad shoulders, powerful arms, his fine chest, his narrow hips that spanned out to strong thick legs…his still throbbing dick. “Will you do my back for me?” he held out the sponge. She received it with a smile and he turned around.

She took her time to sweep it across the rippling expanse of him, using the sponge, her fingers and her lips, touching him liberally as she went, for what a magnificent creature he was. How alive and dreadful and desirable he was. She continued to wash his back and used her free hand to reach around and encase his shaft with her sudsy fingers. She stroked him and he groaned like it hurt in the best possible way. The relief of his ever-encompassing pressure rose and subsided with every touch, being satiated and spurred on from moment to moment, making his head foggy with lust. He stared at her slender fingers wrapped around him, the sight of them sliding up and down his glossy engorged girth as she squeezed him tighter to flatten the bulging veins to only making them more prominent from how much more aroused he became. It was erotic to watch her taking control and pleasure him while she cleansed and kissed him from behind. If she continued, he wouldn’t last much longer.

He needed to last for her, for hands cannot do what bodies entwined can.

“Your turn,” he growled sliding out of her grasp.

They switched positions and Aiden took his place at the opposite side of the shower to watch the frothy lace dress and undress her.

Washing herself after such a build-up felt like unintended solo play. Even the warm water beating against her skin felt like it wanted to make love to her and whenever she touched her body when the sponge flattened, it was like edging. She moaned and they watched each other in the hot, wet, confined space, breathing, and gasping, and yearning, exercising enough control to wash away the weeks of struggle, cleansing themselves of ill-will and frustrations, making their canvases anew for this new chapter of their lives together. “Will you do my back for me?” she uttered.

She turned for him and he scrubbed her, kissed her neck and shoulders as she’d done to him, then he removed the shower head from the stand again. He held it against her clit as he washed her. Her breath caught. “Please, Aiden…I…I…can’t wait any longer.” She tilted her hips back and brushed against his sex, “Please fuck me, sir.”

He entered slowly, letting her feel every inch open her up, and stretch her, and fill her to the hilt. Oh what sweet torture for welcoming walls to be pried apart by such a monster of a man.

He exhaled. She felt just as good as the first time.

She held her breath. He felt just as good as the first time.

He waited for a moment, then he began to move. Their bodies became a frenzy, no longer slow and careful, but hungry and begging for more. His dick slammed into her with an expert dip and roll of his hips and she bounced back on him, welcoming him deeper and deeper still, that even when she felt she couldn’t possibly take any more his power, she still craved it. The water from the shower head too was maddening, and sooner than she expected, she was cumming and cumming, and Aiden kept fucking her and fucking her.

A scream tore from her throat and filled the jet so that no one on board could mistake what was happening. They didn’t care; for who could care about propriety when you were on the brink of the most beautiful extinction?

“That’s right, Ava-Marie, keep cumming for me. Don’t stop,” He rode her faster, refusing her body a moments peace, the clenching and releasing of her unhinged orgasms heightening his experience all the more. “You’re so fucking tight, baby. I’m going to make you cum all night. Be my good girl, cum for me again.”

And she did. Simply hearing the command made her body bow to him. Behind her eyes were bright lights and starry nights. She felt iridescent, like she was made of magic and secrets of the universe that she would never comprehend no matter how many times she experienced this sexual euphoria.

He replaced the shower head, turned her around and lifted her into the air. He crushed their mouths together and they swallowed each other’s moans and relayed them back with dancing tongues as he slammed her body down onto his.

“I’m so full…it hurts,” she half whimpered, half growled.

“Do you…want me…to…stop?” he panted.

“No! Don’t you dare stop.” She cursed and clawed at his back.

Aiden roared, feeling her nails break skin. “Are you sure you can take it?”


“All of it?”

“GOD! YES! Yes! Keep talking.”

“You’re such a good girl. My good girl. Look at how well your tight little pussy takes all this dick.”

He went deeper.

She shrieked.

He stroked her face, “Oh I know, baby. I know. Shhhh.” He kissed her lips softly, “It hurts doesn’t it? This big dick filling you all the way up?”


“But you like the way it hurts, don’t you?”

She gripped his face and stared deep into his eyes, “I fucking love it,” she growled. She bit his mouth, hard. Aiden winced, chuckled darkly and pounded into her like a man crazed. This is what he’d wanted; for Ava to let go completely and let her nature take over, to be unabashed and wild as a woman could be in the throes of true unbridled passion.

“I’m going to cum inside of you.”

“Do it. I want to feel it.” She threw her head back and exposed her bouncing breast, “I want to feel everything.”

He gripped her tighter. She felt him swell, she felt the peak of his force, and then his orgasm ripped through him and she came again.

They clung onto each other as if to anchor themselves, as if they would fall off the edge of the world.

Panting and limp, they slid down the tiles and sunk to the floor holding each other.

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