#GIY How To: 15 Minute Unicorn Nails

Hey my beautiful fancy faces, I hope you’re all feeling spectacular!

If you follow me on my Snapchat you’ll know that I’m constantly doing ‘New nails, who dis?’ every week. This fabulous twist of events is due to the HUGE reduction in my spending. I went from spending £40 a month to £6 (or less) and a heaux's nails be looking extra fancy and turnt.

I’m gonna show you lavish lovelies how to get these super affordable, bomb ass unicorn nails (get ready for compliments galore) and the best method to make them stay on longer.


What You’ll Need

Holographic Unicorn Tears Nails, Primark: £2

Nail File/ Buffer Block


Acetone Free Nail Varnish Remover

Cotton Wool


Nail Clippers/Scissors

Kiss Powerflex Max Speed Nail Glue, Boots: £3

Cuticle Pusher (Optional)


What to Do

  • Take your nail file (or the rough side of your buffer block) and buff it across your entire nail bed. This is so that the nail has a rougher surface to stick to, to make it stay on for longer.
  • Apply the nail varnish remover to a piece of cotton wool and swipe it over your nails to remove excess oil.
  • (Optional) Take your nail clippers/scissors and cut your nails all the way down. This is so that it looks more natural when the underside of the nail I revealed. It also reduces the risk of breaking your own nails should the worst (a.k.a a broken nail) happen.
  • Take the cuticle pusher and gently push your cuticles back (Optional: soak your hands in warm water for 3-5 minutes to make this easier). This step makes the appearance of your nails look a little more polished and natural.

*Clatchet (classy/ratchet) Tip: If you don’t have a cuticle pusher, use one of the curved edges of the press-on nail to push it back.

  • Open your Unicorn nails and empty the contents onto a flat surface. Select the nails you need and line them up in the right order.

*Tip: The nails are numbered underneath near the tip, so if you’re struggling to find the matching nail for your other hand, don’t worry. Primark have got you, boo.

  • These nails come with their own glue, which is perfectly fine to use but I prefer to use the Kiss Powerflex nail glue as it’s stronger, hence they stay on longer. Apply a large drop of Kiss Powerflex nail glue in the centre of your nails and spread it evenly across your nail bed with the nozzle.
  • Select the nail you need, place the base of it near your cuticle and slide it down as you press the nail on. Press the nail firmly against your own for 15 seconds –5 secs in the centre and 5 secs for both the left and right side. This reduces air pockets underneath the nail, which reduces the chance of it coming off. Repeat this step for the rest of your nails.

And that’s it; Instagram worthy, bougie bitch nails in 15 minutes!

If you do this GIY, please make sure to take a pic and tag a bitch (scottyunfamous) in your post so I can celebrate how fabulously lavish you are.

I’ll be reviewing Primark’s gorgeous nail line this Thursday in my new blog segment, #Lavish4Less, which is where I show you guys the best affordable dupes and glamourous things from fashion to beauty.

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Until next time, fancy faces

Love Scotty x

Shakira Scott